Guns: The “Fight of the Century” Starts Today

President Barack Obama will unveil his ideas about gun restrictions today. Sources say that Obama will push for a ban on assault weapons and a ban on high-capacity ammunition magazines. Plus he will push for expanded background checks for gun buyers. There will be other ideas, too.

It will be nasty. It’s already headed that way.

On Tuesday, it was reported that National Rifle Association (NRA) Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre sent an e-mail to members saying, “I warned you this day was coming and now it’s here. This is the fight of the century and I need you on board with NRA now more than ever.”

In other words, “Obama is coming to take your guns today so you need to join the NRA.”

By the way, I checked on my guns this morning and they are still right where I left them – right next to my gas masks and in between the cases of Meal Ready to Eat (MRE) and ammo I have stockpiled in my underground bunker… Continue reading

Monday Morning Politics

Welcome to Monday Morning Politics – the Christmas Eve edition! For those of you tracking Santa tonight, here’s a website to help you (Santa was delivering gifts in China when I posted this column).

By the way, I have some last-minute shopping to complete so today’s column will be shorter than normal.

In case you are a new visitor, this column is where I take a look at some of the political stories that caught my attention from the past weekend and put them in one place for my readers to see. I also provide some commentary!

Today I write about Mike Crapo, Mitt Romney, the NRA, and much more! Continue reading