As I wrote about in July of 2010, doesn’t the United States Government have more important things to do than try to prosecute Lance Armstrong – who won some bicycle races?

Federal attorneys do know that our government is broke, don’t they?

I still think there are more important things (like real criminals) to go after than someone who rides a bike, hits or throws a baseball, or even tries to get a few favors for appointing a U.S. Senator (The Rod Blagojevich trial cost taxpayers millions and now the government is getting a do-over because Blagojevich was convicted on only 1 of 23 counts).   Good grief.

In fact, it’s asinine.  The quality of people running and working in our U.S Attorneys offices and at the U.S. Department of Justice must be at an all-time low. Continue reading


Lance Armstrong finished his last Tour de France on Sunday. He finished in 23rd place, about 40 minutes behind the winner Alberto Contador Spain.

Now it appears Lance Armstrong’s next appearance will be in front of a Federal grand jury and that’s too bad.

With seven victories in a row from 1999-2005 in the Tour de France, people had their doubts that Armstrong could do something this amazing without cheating, but Lance Armstrong never failed a drug test. Not one.

The allegations continue today with some of his former teammates claiming Armstrong used performance enhancing drugs, but Lance Armstrong never failed a drug test.

To me it is sour grapes. It is also a total waste of time and money for the Federal government (U.S. Attorney) to even be involved. Doesn’t our government have more important things to do?

Thanks to Lance Armstrong, cycling was put on the map in the United States. A cancer survivor himself, Armstrong continues to raise awareness about the disease (not to mention millions of dollars for research).

Thank you Lance Armstrong and best of luck in all your future endeavors.