As I wrote about in July of 2010, doesn’t the United States Government have more important things to do than try to prosecute Lance Armstrong – who won some bicycle races?

Federal attorneys do know that our government is broke, don’t they?

I still think there are more important things (like real criminals) to go after than someone who rides a bike, hits or throws a baseball, or even tries to get a few favors for appointing a U.S. Senator (The Rod Blagojevich trial cost taxpayers millions and now the government is getting a do-over because Blagojevich was convicted on only 1 of 23 counts).   Good grief.

In fact, it’s asinine.  The quality of people running and working in our U.S Attorneys offices and at the U.S. Department of Justice must be at an all-time low.

I watched the 60 Minutes story on Armstrong Sunday night.  It was a nice ratings piece for soon-to-be CBS Evening News anchor Scott Pelley – kind of a chance to get him seen by an audience that does not tune in to the CBS Evening News.  Note to Scott:  Your ratings at the evening news will never come close to those of 60 Minutes.

I still don’t believe that Lance Armstrong used performance-enhancing drugs.  One reason is that he never failed a drug test (he passed around 500 tests over a 20-year period).  Secondly, if Armstrong’s enemies/competitors could have gotten him (or caught him cheating) during the years he was competitive on the Tour de France; don’t you think they would have?  Third, just about everyone who now says Armstrong cheated swore they never used performance-enhancing drugs and now say they did.   Most are approaching the end of their careers and seem to still need the limelight so they go trolling for publicity – or to sell a book.

By the way, you can read more facts for Lance HERE.

Even if Armstrong did juice it up, who really cares, now?

The May ratings sweeps are important to networks.  60 Minutes attempted to nail Greg Mortenson (The author of “Three Cups of Tea” and the founder of the Central Asia Institute) and now they tried to get Lance Armstrong.   It seems the 60 Minutes folks are hell-bent on taking on people who have done some good in our world.

What’s next?  Maybe we’ll see a report from 60 Minutes saying they have proof from an “unnamed source” that Jesus (another good guy) really did not turn the water into wine.  Morley Safer will handle the reporting with commentary from Andy Rooney.  They probably have first-hand knowledge…

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  1. It is clear that many in the sport of cycling have and continue to use performance enhancing drugs. Regardless of whether Lance Armstrong did, how does it make sense to single out successful athletes in any sport where performance enhancing drugs are common-place? And, why does congress have to waste time and money investigating this? There has been a drug problem in most professional sports for decades. You don’t have to spend millions to find that answer; we already know it. Now, if you want to fix it, fix it and stop tooting your horn for attention on someone else’s dime.

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