Tuesday Thoughts: 9th U.S. Circuit & Rosendale

Free speech is meant to protect unpopular speech. Popular speech, by definition, needs no protection. – Neal Boortz

9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals:

The Associated Press reported that the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled Montana’s limits on direct contributions to political campaigns are justified in trying to prevent corruption or the appearance of corruption while still allowing candidates to raise enough money to run a campaign.

I don’t think the decision will stand.

Basically, money is speech these days. We are already far down a path that allows the rich and powerful (big money) to influence elections.

It did give Governor Steve Bullock (D-Mont.) the opportunity to say, in part, that “Elections should be decided by ‘we the people’ — not by corporations, millionaires, or wealthy special interests buying more television ads.”

That’s a great line. The other side will say that corporations, millionaires, or wealthy special interests have rights, too.

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MT Campaign 2014: Endorsements, Signs, & New Rules

Welcome to HUMP DAY!!!

There were a couple big endorsements in Montana politics recently – Rosendale and the Tea Party Express, and Walsh and the National Organization for Women. Plus, Cascade County decided they needed new regulations for Election Day. It was also a slow news day at Lee Newspapers in Montana and in Santa Barbara, California. Read on…

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