Tuesday Thoughts: 9th U.S. Circuit & Rosendale

Free speech is meant to protect unpopular speech. Popular speech, by definition, needs no protection. – Neal Boortz

9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals:

The Associated Press reported that the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled Montana’s limits on direct contributions to political campaigns are justified in trying to prevent corruption or the appearance of corruption while still allowing candidates to raise enough money to run a campaign.

I don’t think the decision will stand.

Basically, money is speech these days. We are already far down a path that allows the rich and powerful (big money) to influence elections.

It did give Governor Steve Bullock (D-Mont.) the opportunity to say, in part, that “Elections should be decided by ‘we the people’ — not by corporations, millionaires, or wealthy special interests buying more television ads.”

That’s a great line. The other side will say that corporations, millionaires, or wealthy special interests have rights, too.

Here’s something else for Bullock and his fellow politicians to consider: “We the people” are growing tired of the endless campaign commercials that are built on lies and half-truths. “We the people” are tired of the politicians getting elected and then putting their party above people.

I’m looking for candidates who are “Team America,” instead of “Team Democrat” and “Team Republican.”

Matt Rosendale:

From the outside looking in, it looks like current State Auditor and Republican U.S. Senate candidate Matt Rosendale (R-Mont.) has a lock on ultra-conservative endorsements this election cycle.

Last week, Rosendale received an endorsement from Steve Bannon and the Great America Alliance. At the end of his press release/fundraising letter about the endorsement, Rosendale closes with, “P.S. This is our chance to remove a liberal crony, and replace him with a conservative who will work with President Trump to Make America Great Again!”

This week, the Rosendale campaign announced that he was being endorsed by the Tea Party Express. Rosendale said that he was “honored” that the Tea Party Express had thrown their support behind his campaign – He also added that they recognize he is “the leading conservative candidate in this race.”

With these endorsements, he just may be “the leading conservative candidate in this race.”

Plus, he just successfully ran a state-wide race. I’d say at this time Rosendale is the leader of the Republican pack. I still think the 2018 Senate race leans safe Democrat. Incumbent Senator Jon Tester will be very hard to beat. He’s taken out two of the strongest Republicans in 2006 and 2012. It would be fun to watch him and Rosendale discuss what a “liberal crony” is during debates, though.

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6 thoughts on “Tuesday Thoughts: 9th U.S. Circuit & Rosendale

  1. Jeff Flake (AZ) just announced his retirement. AZ just became a very possible D pick-up.
    Chemtrail Kelli Ward will lose her current lead as someone more sane announces for the R seat.

  2. I accidently edited out a phrase. He has Judy Martz and many other Republican endorsements. That should be second sentence.

    • The guy who played fast and loose with campaign election laws?

      No surprise you’re backing him.

      P.S. It’s Fagg

  3. I have endorsed Russ Fag in the Republican primary. He has other old solid Republican endorsements. He is from Billings and has support there. Nothing personal against Matt, just my judgement that Russ will run well against the Democrat incumbent.

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