Scum Politics

I happened to catch an article in Saturday’s Billings Gazette with the headline, “GOP candidate cries foul against critics.” You can read it HERE.

The story is about a GOP candidate named Debra Bonogofsky who was beaten in the GOP primary by Dan Kennedy after four groups targeted her with mailers. She lost by 259 votes.

First of all I don’t know Debra Bonogofsky from Debra Winger or Dan Kennedy from Dan Quayle, but the article lets us in on a major problem with politics today – the last minute fliers hitting the voters’ mailboxes spreading misinformation or spun so that it creates doubt in the voters’ minds.

According the Gazette, the four groups are: Western Tradition Partnership, Assembly Action Fund, Montana Right to Work and the National Gun Owners Alliance.

Funny thing is that I probably agree with some of the views of these groups, but they are way out of line here. Continue reading