The Wednesday Read: Graham-Cassidy and Stapleton

Some people are always grumbling because roses have thorns; I am thankful that thorns have roses. – Alphonse Karr

Today I provide independent commentary about the following items for this edition of The Wednesday Read:

  • Graham-Cassidy
  • Corey, Corey, Corey

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MT Political Practices Commissioner: No Confirmation

I was only slightly happy to read that the Governor’s nomination for Commissioner of Political Practices will die in committee without a vote.

Supposedly if there had been a vote, the Governor’s nominee (Jennifer Hensley) would not have been confirmed. She would not be able to stay in the position, either.

Now without an up or down vote she can stay in the position until Schweitzer’s term is up (January 2013) or he can appoint someone else. This session of the Montana Legislature only has a few days left and meets every two years.

In my opinion, the (Montana) Senate Judiciary Committee members are a bunch of wimps for not holding the vote and moving on. It’s shameful, but that has been the norm for this legislative session. Continue reading

Scum Politics

I happened to catch an article in Saturday’s Billings Gazette with the headline, “GOP candidate cries foul against critics.” You can read it HERE.

The story is about a GOP candidate named Debra Bonogofsky who was beaten in the GOP primary by Dan Kennedy after four groups targeted her with mailers. She lost by 259 votes.

First of all I don’t know Debra Bonogofsky from Debra Winger or Dan Kennedy from Dan Quayle, but the article lets us in on a major problem with politics today – the last minute fliers hitting the voters’ mailboxes spreading misinformation or spun so that it creates doubt in the voters’ minds.

According the Gazette, the four groups are: Western Tradition Partnership, Assembly Action Fund, Montana Right to Work and the National Gun Owners Alliance.

Funny thing is that I probably agree with some of the views of these groups, but they are way out of line here. Continue reading


The 2009 Election season is upon us.  I remember the first time I voted, and I have hardly missed any elections (national, state, local, school board, mill levy, etc.) since then.

Now I get my ballots in the mail.  That gives me some extra time to examine the issues or the candidates before making a decision.  It also allows my family to discuss the issues while sitting around the kitchen table.  Plus, I don’t have to worry about going to the precinct to vote on Election Day.

I remember when I was serving in the military overseas, voting was difficult.  It was not that anyone was hindering me from voting, but being so far away and using the Postal Service to request the absentee ballot and getting it sent to me took weeks.   Continue reading

Just a few minutes…

I had to take a few minutes away from commenting on sports to write about the Montana Legislature and same-day voter registration.

A bill (HB 88) was introduced in the Montana Legislature that would make the Friday before the election on Tuesday the last day someone could register to vote. According to this story, it seems that most people who turned out to speak about the bill opposed it. It was dead on arrival. That’s democracy.

I like HB 88. I like the idea of early voting but there should be a cut-off date, sometime before Election Day. The Friday before Election Day would be fine with me.

Although we have not discovered any fraud or corruption with the way it is currently done here in Montana, it seems there are more chances of it by allowing people to register until the polls close on Election Day…and sometimes later if they were already in line when the polls closed.

I think by allowing the election officials an extra couple of days to verify new voter registrations is fine. I won’t get into voter laziness and other things. A commentary posted by JP over at says it better than I can. You can read it HERE.

Maybe I’m not alone. An on-line poll on the Great Falls Tribune website today asked this question, “Should same-day registration on Election Day be eliminated?” At the time of this post, “Yes” was leading “No” 61-38 percent. The final results will be listed in the print copy of Thursday’s Tribune.