Yes or No for Cascade County Jobs Levy

The Electric is an independent news website focused on Great Falls and Cascade County. It is operated by a former Great Falls Tribune reporter, Jenn Rowell. Rowell reported a few days ago that the “Yes for Cascade County Jobs” committee, which is advocating for approval of an economic development levy, did not properly file their financial disclosure forms this month.

You can read the story from The Electric HERE.

The Electric reported that Brett Doney, executive director for Great Falls Development Authority, said it was an oversight on his part for the lack of filing. The committee had raised about $38,250.

The Great Falls Tribune reports that “Yes for Cascade County Jobs” wants approval of a three-mill levy that would contribute about $460,000 per year to economic development. Voters in Cascade County will have a chance to vote yes or no on the levy November 7.

The Tribune says that if approved, Cascade County Commissioners will decide annually whether to levy up to three mills each year of additional property taxes, with the revenue going toward economic development.

Can you ever imagine politicians not wanting more taxpayer money to spend every year?

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