Yes or No for Cascade County Jobs Levy

The Electric is an independent news website focused on Great Falls and Cascade County. It is operated by a former Great Falls Tribune reporter, Jenn Rowell. Rowell reported a few days ago that the “Yes for Cascade County Jobs” committee, which is advocating for approval of an economic development levy, did not properly file their financial disclosure forms this month.

You can read the story from The Electric HERE.

The Electric reported that Brett Doney, executive director for Great Falls Development Authority, said it was an oversight on his part for the lack of filing. The committee had raised about $38,250.

The Great Falls Tribune reports that “Yes for Cascade County Jobs” wants approval of a three-mill levy that would contribute about $460,000 per year to economic development. Voters in Cascade County will have a chance to vote yes or no on the levy November 7.

The Tribune says that if approved, Cascade County Commissioners will decide annually whether to levy up to three mills each year of additional property taxes, with the revenue going toward economic development.

Can you ever imagine politicians not wanting more taxpayer money to spend every year?

Last week I said in my “Thursday Numbers” column that I was undecided about how I would vote. I said that I was not that impressed with the work of the Great Falls Development Authority over the past few years – and that includes Brett Doney.

I also wrote, “You can buy a lot of nice dinners for $460k per year, though.”

That’s what a lot of lobbying future businesses to come to our community is – wining and dining.

After reading that Brett Doney has troubling filing the proper paperwork on $38,000 in donations, I’m not all that confident in him and the county handling $460,000 in taxpayer money.

I’ve supported mill levies over the years for schools, but I am going to be a “No” vote on the economic development levy.

That’s my opinion. Leave your opinion in the comment section or email me.

If you want more information, the “Yes for Cascade County Jobs” Facebook page can be found HERE.


2 thoughts on “Yes or No for Cascade County Jobs Levy

  1. Doney tried to spin this paperwork thing as a little oversight. Give me a break! How totally incompetent! Who wants someone like that handling our taxpayer dollars.

    No voter with even half a brain should vote for this PERMANENT LEVY. The GFDA is mainly a vehicle for Great Falls good-old-boys and girls to get money and opportunities to further their own interests. Do the research. This town is corrupt as hell. Look at who the donors are–follow the money, look for the quid pro quo.

    Also, GFDA is listed as a non-profit and files a Form 990 with the IRS but has INVESTORS. How does a NOT-FOR-PROFIT HAVE INVESTORS?

    Look at Doney’s record in Maine, where he worked before he came to Great Falls. Sounds from their comments like they were glad to be rid of him:

    “”Doney was good for blowing his own horn, and thank God he moved to Montana,” says Forrie Everett, a member of the Paris Budget Committee, which last year recommended cutting $12,000 in town funding for the Growth Council. “I don’t have a very good opinion for the Growth Council. All we got from [Doney] was the soft shoe and ‘how great I am.”

    Barbara Payne, a former Paris selectman, says the Growth Council used to hand out glossy brochures listing its achievements every year around budget time. “But it didn’t give the whole picture. They didn’t track the businesses that closed or cut back or failed that they supported,” she says.” ~ from MaineBiz

    Believe me, this latest GFDA paperwork debacle is just the tip of a very dirty iceberg…

    • Anon – Thanks for your comments and information. It will be interesting to see if it passes. -JmB

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