Just Football…

Welcome to another edition of “Just Football!”  This is the weekly column where I take a look at football from the NFL all the way down to High School!

With NFL week #11 under my belt I managed to pick 11 correctly (out of 14) but still out of winning the free pizza.  Watch out – I am like a turtle – slow and steady and coming on at the end!  Just a helpful reminder that there are three games on Thursday – so get your picks in early for Turkey Day.

Today I write about honors for some Lions, Philip Rivers and interceptions, my Chiefs, the BCS, the last Border War game, handling traffic tickets in Kansas, the Cats, the Griz, the Saints are marching, high school football, and a special place to crown champions in Missouri!

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Sunspot Baby

“Man that was sure unkind…” –Sunspot Baby lyrics by Bob Seger

That’s what I was thinking after reading that most of Kansas and Missouri was switched from the Kansas/Missouri men’s basketball game to the Michigan/Michigan State men’s game on Saturday.

Being located over a thousand miles from the game, I really did not think too much about it when Greg Gumbel said CBS was switching from the Kansas/Missouri game to the start of the Michigan/Michigan State game.  I figured that here in Montana I was lucky to see a few minutes of the game.

But for some reason, CBS switched the game on their affiliate in Kansas City, Missouri – in the heart of the border rivalry! I also heard it was switched in Columbia, Missouri – the home of the Missouri Tigers. Continue reading