Monday Potpourri – The Oscars

Although there’s a chance the Federal Government may shut down later this week, and the Montana Legislature is getting ready to start the second half of the 90-day legislative session (and it seems everyone is issuing “guest opinions” about the first 45 days to the newspapers), plus the NFL scouting combine is going on, the big thing on this Monday is The Academy Awards!

Sometimes we need to be taken away from the real world and live for a few moments in the make-believe world of Hollywood! Conservatives probably hate the Oscars, because there’s just too many liberals getting media time.

So to be quite truthful, I watched The Academy Awards from the red carpet to the end when the public school children from New York’s PS 22 performed (who are probably taught by members of a teachers union).

I won’t discuss “style” in this column or who was wearing what because let me just say that my wife picks out my attire when I venture out into the public…and most of the time when I am sitting in front of this computer, I resemble a photo of Ted Kaczynski. Continue reading

Observations from the week 01/24/10

I think this past week could be described as “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore” week.

The Republicans have a slight pulse after the election in Massachusetts.  The Supreme Court opens up the bank for candidates with their decision, and there’s much more to write about, like PTSD, snow, movies and music! Continue reading