Thursday Thoughts

It’s a rainy morning in Great Falls – a good time to read The Western Word! Here are the topics for today:

  • Great Falls Public Library
  • Trump’s CNN Town Hall
  • Birth Control
  • NFL Schedule Release


The Electric reported that the Great Falls Public Library board has filed suit against Sandra Merchant, in her official capacity as the county clerk and recorder, requesting the court to appoint an election monitor.

This is a good idea. So far the elections office in Cascade County has resembled a circus under the supervision of Merchant.

The concern I now have is I have very little confidence in most of the District Court judges in Cascade County. They are politicians, too. They know how powerful the MAGA voting block is in the county.

The library mill levy election is June 6. For more information about the library mill levy, click HERE.

As I have said before, I will be voting for the levy. I hope you will, too.

You can read the article from The Electric HERE.


When it comes to watching former President Donald, Trump make an ass of himself or watching Jeopardy and catching up on the Jeopardy Master’s tournament, Jeopardy will take the prize with me every time.

Have no fear, I have watched clips from it. CNN probably scored a ratings win with the event. It was good to see Trump get questioned by someone who is not a fan.

I think CNN moderator Kaitlan Collins did a good job. She faced many of the same obstacles other moderators faced when dealing with Trump and that is he wants to bully the moderator and talk forever. She won the night after she was attempting to make Trump answer a question. Trump got frustrated and said, “You are a nasty person.”

Trump would not admit he lost to Biden and called the election “rigged” a “shame” and “stolen.” He said that January 6 was “a beautiful day” and that he would pardon the rioters. He would not say if he wanted Ukraine to win the war.

The Associated Press (AP) has a good report about the town hall HERE.

The Reuters headline, “Trump jokes about sexual abuse verdict, repeats election falsehoods” kind of tells it all. Read it HERE.


This news will probably send many in the MAGA crowd over the edge…

The Associated Press is reporting that federal health advisers said Wednesday that a decades-old birth control pill should be sold without a prescription, paving the way for a likely U.S. approval of the first over-the-counter contraceptive medication.

Check out the story HERE.


Just a reminder that the 2023 NFL schedules will be released on Thursday (TODAY) at 6:00 p.m. Montana time. It will be televised on the NFL Network, NFL+, and ESPN2.

Some of the schedule has already been released. Check it out HERE.

The opening game features my Super Bowl Champion Kansas City Chiefs hosting the Detroit Lions on Thursday night, September 7. NBC will televise the game. The Chiefs also host the Las Vegas Raiders on Christmas.

Go Chiefs!

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6 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts

  1. Here’s another take on the CNN Debate and Trump’s performance.

    Got to get out more Mike and see things from a different perspective.

    • I loving all the press Zooey is getting.

      Just might convince her to run against Zinke while draining Hollywood and MT Dems pocket books.

  2. More apropos to yesterday’s topic, but I just found this today. Yes, it’s scary, very scary to MAGAs. It’s something those folks are sorely lacking. And no, it’s not from the Bible.

    But still, I’m suggesting that every MAGA in the legislature be required to read and take a quiz on this article before being allowed to vote or speak on any transgender bills. I’m getting so tired of the bull heifer comparisons to human sexuality. And I’m sure that even Daniel Emrich would approve because this article contains facts. Remember Dan’s bill requiring science teach only facts? Hopefully Dan will share this with his fellow MAGAs.

    Can you even imagine being a physician trying to testify on these hateful bills when the proponents are completely ignorant of what they’re proposing? Hopefully this will help. Btw, the very first lesson for the MAGAs is that animal sexuality and human sexuality are quite different from what they learned on the farm!

    • I read this article. Unfortunately Simone (d) Sun PhD resembles that human/snake character from The Passion and would fit in with the demonic influence beliefs of those opposing medical child transitions.

      • Not sure what you’re implying, but it’s pretty hard to ignore the entire medical community’s take on it. If you watched any testimony on SB99, you would have seen all the opponents were professional people of one type or another, or transgender kids themselves. Proponents, the few that there were, were an odd assortment of religious goofballs of one stripe or another with no vested interest in outcomes produced by the bill, some from out of state.

        But here, the black eye that keeps on giving to Montana. I’m not sure what more in the way of information a person would need to see how cruel these bills are. They have just one purpose, and that is promote religious fascism. To me that is evil.

        “Every major medical association in the U.S., including the American Academy of Pediatrics, the Endocrine Society, the American Medical Association, the American Psychiatric Association and the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, supports access to gender-affirming care for trans youth.”

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