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Here are some of the topics that caught my attention:

  • U.S. Senate Montana 2024
  • Tryon & Merchant
  • One More Thing


ABC/Fox Montana is reporting that after a Senate Bill that looked to change the 2024 Montana U.S. Senate primary was shelved in the House, a House Bill has been amended to include text from the tabled bill.

I figured as long as the Montana Legislature was in session there was a chance the bill (SB 566) could be brought back to life in some form.

ABC/Fox is reporting that the text of House Bill 774, short titled “generally revise election laws,” has been updated to include most of the text from SB 566.

If this bill becomes law, look to see the Republicans lose the race against U.S. Senator Jon Tester (D-MT) by even more votes. Montanans don’t like when one party or the other tries to tip the scales in their favor.

This would be a great time to contact your state House member and tell them your thoughts about this amendment.

You can read the full report from ABC/Fox Montana HERE.


A few of my readers pointed out that Great Falls City Commissioner Rick Tryon seemed to come to Cascade County Clerk and Recorder Sandra Merchant’s defense in a recent Facebook post.

Tryon wrote:

I want our local upcoming elections and our duly elected Cascade County elections administrator to be successful.
It’s troubling and disappointing to see that some local folks, and ‘news’ media outlets, appear to be hoping and praying for failed elections…for partisan political reasons.
We need to be better than this.

It seems from his post and comments that Tryon wants to help Merchant but he’s not sure he can go the “full Tryon” since he is up for reelection.

I guess it kind of makes sense to side with the MAGA folks like Merchant when running the elective office. The Clerk and Recorder runs the Elections in the county.

I pray a lot and I have never prayed for failed elections. I pray for God’s will regarding an election. I’m thinking someone should read their Bible a little more closely.

As for ‘news’ media outlets, appear to be hoping and praying for failed elections, Tryon has had a problem with the media for several years. It’s in the MAGA playbook to be angry at the media all the time. This method comes from Trump.

Several people commented on Tryon’s post. Here is part of one comment:

“What’s more troubling and concerning is when public officials (like yourself) defend people like this who clearly cannot/will not do their job. Merchant promised greater election integrity, protection, and communication. So far we’ve gotten the polar opposite. She refuses to answer questions from the public or the media.”

That comment is very accurate. That means the writer of the comment will probably get banned from Tryon’s Facebook page.

Tryon responded with, “I’m neither attacking nor “defending” Merchant.”

I don’t think Tryon can have it both ways. Rick Tryon and Sandra Merchant are two peas in a pod.

I am hoping a more qualified candidate decides to run for city commissioner.


This is going to send MAGA folks over the deep end….

PBS is reporting that Minneapolis will allow broadcasts of the Muslim call to prayer at all hours, becoming the first major U.S. city to allow the announcement or “adhan” to be heard over speakers five times a day, year-round.

Applause to the leaders in Minneapolis.

Read the complete PBS story HERE.



13 thoughts on “The Monday Memo

  1. My god that photo of the riot squad in the Montana state capitol gallery man handling protesters will be on ever cable news outlet and front page of every major newspaper in US and every digital news site within minutes. How much more embarrassing things can the GOP do in the Montana legislature. But I think most of sane people in the state realize the so called Montana Freedom Caucus and Republican leaders don’t care. They truly believe that they are on a mission directly from God. I used to believe the good or sane Republicans would have some control over the right wing wackos but they all to seem to be gutless and abandoned their core beliefs and ethics by saying absolutely nothing in regard to Rep. Zephyr so called silencing . I firmly believe the only answer is to vote them out. I’m just sick of these mindless clowns in the Montana legislature.

  2. I told you that this was not over. This woman is an extraordinary Montanan. They seem to arise from nowhere when we need them. She embodies the true Montana spirit. I have seen it happen many times over in the past. Our heroes rise to the occasion. And Zooey Zephyr has done that. I just might ask one of my good artist friends to paint her so I can donate it to hang in the capital!

  3. Fox Fraudcasting threw Carlson to the wolves, not for lying, not for endlessly hammering partisan BS, but for leaving such a pathetically blatant paper trail. The ultimate wingnut commandment: Don’t get caught!

    I feel sorry for the wolves.

    • I think the last anchor in that slot was Bill O’Reilly and he led the ratings before he was fired. Thanks, JmB

      • And before that wasn’t there Glenn Beck?

        Fox will just find some other rabid neo-Nazi to fill Tucker’s slot. The viewers demand their nightly dose of hate and grievance.

      • Beck was in there somewhere. They may move Watters to that slot. He and Gutfield seem to be the flavor of the month.

  4. I haven’t seen anyone hoping and praying for failed elections. Sounds like a straw man Tryon fabricated to attack.

    He’s small potatoes in wingnut world anyhow.

    Big news in wingnut world this a.m. is Tucker Carlson out at Fox. His departure should immediately increase the credibility of that self-styled “news” network by nearly 50%.

    And from a few days ago my favorite, look who’s the pedophile/groomer … none other than far right media darling and Stop the Steal organizer Ali Alexander Akbar. You just knew there’s a reason for all the right wing obsession with pedophilia and grooming – because it’s them.

    • Tucker’s made the rounds in his life. Next up News Max OAN?
      CNN just fired Don Lemon, too.

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