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Here are the topics that caught my eye this week:

  • Second Half
  • Great Falls Public Library
  • March Madness


The Montana Legislature has been on a Transmittal Break and the second half of the 90-day session started this week. According to the session calendar, today (March 10) is Legislative Day 47.

Are you excited?

Maybe I missed it, but I did not see any public meetings for the Great Falls area delegation during the Transmittal Break to answer questions and hear concerns. Since the Republicans have a “super majority” in the legislature maybe they don’t feel the need to meet with constituents.

Nonetheless, I’ll be watching and commenting on the good and the bad coming out of the circus in Helena. Stay tuned!


I have said from the beginning that I will be supporting the levy for the Great Falls Public Library. I hope you will join me.

Just in case you wondered, I am against the Great Falls Public Safety levy, and I will be voting against it.

The annual tax for this library levy for a $100,000 home will be approximately $20.25 and for a $200,000 home approximately $40.50. That is pretty cheap for all that our library provides.

The Great Falls Public Library has provided a link on its website with questions, answers, and a lot of information. It’s very well done. Check it out HERE.

Of course, we have the MAGA people complaining about a “Drag Queen Story Hour” video and they are trying to claim there’s a conspiracy about the video. They are also unhappy with some of the books that the library has to check out.

Our MAGA commissioner, Rick Tryon, (who is running for reelection and needs publicity) did an interview with the library director and posted it on his MAGA blog. I am not sure if that is part of a commissioner’s duties or not, or if he applied pressure on the director to do the interview.

I think Tryon should stick with whatever it is he does because doing interviews is not his strength. Being a commissioner isn’t either. The director answered his questions about the Drag Queen video very professionally.

There’s no conspiracy with the Drag Queen video, but you can bet that the MAGA crowd will continue to attack the good people at the library all the way up to the June 6 election.


The conference tournaments are winding down this weekend. The 68 teams will be selected on Sunday to play in the 2023 NCAA Division I men’s basketball tournament. Play begins on Tuesday (March 14) and the championship is on April 3.

The men’s field is wide open. I think Alabama and Kansas will be in the mix and watch out for UCLA. I always pull for Mizzou, but they have never made a final four.

On the women’s side, the selections will be made on Sunday and play begins on March 15. There are 68 teams selected. The Championship is on April 2.

I think South Carolina will be the team to beat this year. They are tough. Stanford and UConn will be in the mix, I think.

More information for the men’s basketball tournament can be found HERE.

More information for the women’s basketball tournament can be found HERE.



6 thoughts on “Caught My Eye…

  1. I guess I can see it. I can see where many MAGAs might get sexually aroused by the top picture. Thank God we have commissioner Tryon removing that temptation from his fellow MAGAs! We really don’t want excited MAGAs running around the library.

    But what I’d like to know is historically who bans books besides Nazis and prissy old prudes? After all, this is America.

    • Plenty of people of all political persuasions ban stuff or at least try to. Recall the recent flap over some Netflix movie about Jews and blacks a basketball player “liked”, the removal of a Dr. Suess book from the market, and the current controversy over the rewrite of some classic books.

      You also can’t stream Birth of a Nation, older versions of Huck Finn, and Triumph of the Will anymore, just to name a few.

      It is not a free country, not anymore. You aren’t allowed to read, see, think whatever you want. We got Big Brothers on both flanks deciding for us.

      • Terry , I just watched “Triumph of the Will” With an English translation. It wasn’t that difficult to find. One hour and 50 minutes of marching and speeches. Watch the last ten minutes (Hitler’s speech) . It is all you need to know. I do not know about the “Birth of a Nation”. I watched parts some time ago. I’ll bet I can find and old “Huck Finn” if I look. I think I will look. It is one of my favorites. I sent a copy to my grandson. It was the sanitized version for kids. So, that is happening. I do not know what that means. There are no “Big Brothers” ala 1984. One flank,if they gain power will not respect the results of a free and fair election and, that is scary. The answer is very simple. DON’T VOTE FOR THESE PEOPLE.

      • All those movies used to be available via the big on-demand streamers. And the quality was good. They’ve disappeared off those. Not PC. Now you have to go to YouTube and the like and they aren’t the greatest.

        Triumph of the Will is mostly notable for the cinematography. Birth of a Nation for a scene at the very end where the KKK is preventing the black people from voting. Just like Republicans today.

  2. Library video scandal right up there with Spiro Agnew, Iran Contra, and GF city government’s coal fired power plant debacle that put us in the hole for the past 15 years or whatever, now necessitating a fat tax hike.

    Thanks Commissioner Tryon for staying right on top of this important story in support of your ECB fellow running dog writer’s latest like-clockwork Fox News manufactured outrage of the month, very recently CRT but now drag queen story readings. Not even live in front of kids readings, but just on video in front of zero kids. Time very well spent from a busy city commissioner schedule that’s apparently so jam packed there’s absolutely no time left for any action whatsoever on any of the Crime Task Force recommendations aside from that huge tax hike request. Nothing zip zilch in over two years.

    Just remember kids, the #1 job of city government is public safety! Okay, and YouTube video kerfluffles. And fixing potholes, don’t forget the potholes.

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