Tuesday’s Quick Hits

I hope everyone had a great three-day weekend. As a former member of the deep state, I took the day off and enjoyed doing nothing.

There’s a lot to get to, and here are some of the topics that caught my attention:

  • Marc Racicot
  • Campaign Signs
  • Great Falls Elections


I did not think the Montana Republicans could get any lower, but the Montanan Republican Party Executive Committee has “rebuked” former Montana Governor Marc Racicot (R-MT).

Racicot was also the Montana Attorney General and the Chairman of the Republican National Committee for President George W. Bush. He could have picked his office in the early 2000s. I thought he would be U.S. Attorney General, or maybe Vice President, but he decided to be the chair of the RNC.

I don’t see the names of the Executive Committee on the resolution, but I will bet none of them have a political resume like Racicot.

Racicot was “rebuked” because he used what most Republicans in Montana failed to do, and that was use some common sense in how he voted. He endorsed President Biden’s Supreme Court pick and endorsed Biden over Donald Trump. He also endorsed Ingrid Gustafson over James Brown for Montana Supreme Court – which was probably the main reason he was “rebuked.”

After being a Republican for most of my life and working for U.S. Senator Conrad Burns (R-MT) for a dozen years and helping probably hundreds of Republicans get elected across this state, I stopped supporting most Republicans around 2010. The Republicans who had some backbone and stood up against the extremes soon found themselves banished. There are too many bat-shit-crazy people in the Montana Republican Party. You can no longer be moderate in the Montana Republican Party.

I am independent and moderate when it comes to my politics.

I doubt Racicot loses any sleep over the matter – and he shouldn’t. His legacy is already cemented in Montana history. He will be remembered as a statesman.

For a laugh, you can read the resolution HERE.


Since the weather turned terrible and after I took a spill and hurt my knee, I have been walking at the mall in Great Falls.

I noticed during my walk yesterday that District Court Judge David Grubich, a pick from MAGA governor Greg Gianforte, still has a least two campaign signs up in the mall. (Source)

The election was way back in November.

In case you were wondering, on the city of Great Falls website, it says the following about political signs:

“Signs may be placed no earlier than 60 days prior to any election. Signs must be removed within seven consecutive days after an election.”

One would think that Grubich would want to obey the rules like he requires others to do.

I’m not sure what the fine would be for breaking the rules. If it was a daily fine, that would be some serious coin. I’m sure the judge will say it was an oversight but for an extra three months he has broken the rules.


I saw that Cory Reeves announced that he was running for Mayor of Great Falls. There were a lot of positive comments on his Facebook post. I saw some negative ones on other posts.

He was the undersheriff for Jesse Slaughter, and I think he resigned right after they were elected for another job. I believe Reeves worked for the Great Falls Police Department, too.

The field is beginning to take shape for the election. My biggest concern is taxes. Commissioner Rick Tryon has announced he is running for reelection. Tryon has raised our taxes and will probably do it again before November. I want a city commissioner and mayor who won’t keep raising my taxes year after year.

As for Reeves, I will keep an open mind and see how he responds to questions and comments. As for Tryon, he has already proven that he will stick it to the residents at every opportunity. He won’t get my vote.

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6 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Quick Hits

  1. governor Ros energy fraud converted our energy supply to disastrous consequences, especially if you were a stockholder. He did what he could to defeat the will of the people in Florida in the 2000 federal election. I could argue that, that was a start that led to Jan. 6th. Nobody is perfect that is for sure. Especially if you are a Republican

  2. Unrelated to today’s topics, but an interesting item at The Electric in regard to the County’s elections printing dilemma:

    “Earlier this month, Merchant and Rae Grulkowski, the newest county commissioner, requested ballot stock from the print shop, according to multiple sources.

    County staff said they wouldn’t deliver ballot stock and consulted with the Montana Secretary of State’s office and was advised not to deliver the paper, but that Merchant and Grulkowski picked up ballot stock from the print shop.

    Briggs said he found about the ballot stock request via email while we was in Washington, D.C. that week.

    “That just strikes me as very odd,” Briggs said of the request.

    Briggs said the county keeps ballot stock under lock and key until ballots are mailed.

    He said that if he was working on the mail options directly, he would have asked for the paper specifications rather than the physical ballot stock.

    Richie Melby, communications director for SoS, told The Electric that “physical security of election materials is of paramount importance to the security of our elections, including chain of custody for ballot stock.”

    So, while Joe Briggs is out of town our two new elections conspiracy nut county officials want raw ballot stock that’s normally kept under lock and key, the Montana Sec of State says no, don’t deliver it to them, but they run down to the county print shop and take it anyhow.

    For what, exactly? What word starting with C would you normally think of if for instance a person went and grabbed up a bunch of raw currency stock?

    Who is independently keeping tabs on this ballot stock? When will it be returned, what procedures are in place to ensure every bit is returned and chain of custody was maintained so no far right paper bootleggers had access to it in the meantime to produce suitcases full of bogus ballots in future elections, etc? Is the MT Sec State office on top of this?

    It’s all very irregular and suspicuous. The public deserves answers. Ms. Merchant has been in office only a couple months and is already undermining confidence in our county elections.


  3. I really didn’t think Montana Republicans would sink to the level of some other MEGA states such as Wyoming and Arizona and kick out well known patriotic men and women out of their party. Former 2 term Attorney General and 2 term Governor Marc Racicot who won his second term as governor in Montana with 79% of vote and took all 56 counties deserves better then this from his party. But I guess it isn’t his party anymore but a cult of right wing fools. Racicot was well respected by both sides of the aisle as being fair and open to listening to all sides. He always wanted what was best for his native state and has traveled all across it pointing out our very democracy is in peril in last couple years. What I am most bothered by so far is the lack of response from the sane GOP members who should come to the defense of Racicot. But are they as gutless I fear they are, thinking they also would be drummed out. What a sad state this organization as become. But what can one expect from a used car salesman and a fertilizer dealer who lead the GOP Montana Ex.Commitee. Governor Racicot will be fine as the statemen and patriot he is.

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