The Wednesday Read

It’s hump day and here are a few things that caught my eye:

  • Commissioner of Political Practices
  • The Year in Blogging
  • Kevin McCarthy
  • Football


The Montana Free Press reported this week that a panel of four state legislators last week reached an impasse over who should become Montana’s next commissioner of political practices (COPP). Now, the task of narrowing the field to a single candidate falls squarely on Gov. Greg Gianforte, whose office has yet to provide a glimpse of any frontrunner.

Imagine that – an impasse?

Gianforte could pick someone else who is not one of the five finalists.

Since 2005 I have written probably hundreds of times about the COPP. I have given ideas on how the office should be run, complained about the decisions, and applauded the decisions.

The COPP is supposed to be non-partisan.

A faithful reader said the other day that he thought Governor Gianforte would appoint failed Montana Supreme Court candidate and current Public Service Commission chair, James Brown, as COPP.

Wouldn’t that be ironic…

Read the complete report from the Montana Free Press HERE.


During the past two years (2021-22) this little independent blog, The Western Word, has seen traffic increases. This past year (2022), there was another increase in views and visitors to this site.

Tell your friends, tell your enemies, and tell your family to drop by and kick the tires (or the owner).

Thank you for reading.


I watched some of the votes for Speaker of the House yesterday. Republican Kevin McCarthy was the heir apparent to be the next speaker, but he failed to get a majority of votes in not one, not two, but three tries.

There are about 20 Republicans who did not vote for McCarthy. One of them was Matt Rosendale of Montana. Rosendale has already embarrassed his state with his votes in the last congress, and he got reelected. That shows the people in his district are not the sharpest knives in the drawer.

I guess they will try again today. Former President Donald Trump has chimed in and urged the 20 Republicans to vote for McCarthy. We’ll see how that works.

Nonetheless, this is embarrassing for the Republican majority in the House. It seems every time the Republicans gain control in Washington, they screw it up.


Over the holidays, I watched so much football that I have memorized several AT&T, Allstate, and Progressive insurance commercials.

Football is winding down, and that always makes me sad. The NFL has games on Saturday and Sunday this week. The FCS Championship game between North Dakota State and South Dakota State is Sunday. The BCS National Championship between TCU and Georgia is Monday evening.

The NFL playoffs start the next weekend (Jan 14/15).



7 thoughts on “The Wednesday Read

  1. ‘Matt the Rat’ is doing what his constituents want…………..isn’t he? He’s also demonstrating that he has accepted the legacy handed down by Louie Gohmert, formerly acknowledged as ‘the dumbest member of Congress.’

    • Somewhere in the Eastern district there’s a moderate Republican who can beat Rosendale.

      • Are there any such creatures left?

        Watching the fiasco in the House that Matt the Rat is contributing to, it occurs to me that the GOP doesn’t seem to have much luck with members named “McCarthy.” Joe McCarthy was, and continues to be, a shame and an embarrassment. Now we have Kevin McCarthy supplying his own brand of bumbling incompetence. Maybe if he changed his first name? At least, if he called himself “Charlie” McCarthy, we’d know that someone was controlling him and putting words in his mouth. Probably even have a pretty good guess who.

      • I hope there’s someone left with at least half a brain to take him on. Thanks, JmB

  2. At least Matt Rosendale’s reliable “No” vote on every issue under the sun is finally serving a useful purpose – entertaining the nation.

    It must be an odd feeling for him to have one of his “No” votes actually mean something for a change, even if it’s fellow Republicans he has to screw. No longer Mr. First Term Irrelevancy From A Backwater State – he’s Mr. Important now! For a day or two, any way.

    We’ll see if our brave and bully Rep changes his tune today in response to His Master’s Voice. Gaetz for one says he isn’t changing his mind just because Trump said to:

    “Sad!” Gaetz said in a Wednesday statement. “This changes neither my view of McCarthy, nor Trump, nor my vote.”

    Time to pop more popcorn!

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