Election 2022: The Morning After

The best thing about waking up this morning, the day after Election Day, is knowing that I did not lose my job because my boss lost reelection.

So, for me, everything else is warm apple pie with a side of vanilla ice cream.


The MAGA folks in and around Great Falls and Cascade County kicked some ass on Election Day. A little past midnight I checked for updates and saw some Democrats had a chance to win their races. I smiled and cuddled up in my warm blanket and went back to sleep.

This morning around 5:00 am, I checked again and all the Democrats who were close or leading were losing. Supposedly there are still a few votes to be counted, but I think the writing is on the wall. It may be a clean sweep for the MAGA folks when all is said and done. That is an amazing turnaround from five or 10 years ago when the Republicans could not win much of anything in Cascade County. Congrats to the MAGA folks.

That brings up the question about the Democrats in Cascade County. They really need a new game plan. Being so far to the left that you piss people off is not a recipe for winning. That strategy may win some races in Missoula or San Francisco, but not in Great Falls these days.

The folks who came close should plan on running again. They should keep active and involved. They should take notes about the votes that their opponent cast in the next term. Stop being so freaking extreme.

The Public Safety levy in Cascade County passed, so get ready for higher taxes. Voters decided to tax medical and recreational marijuana. The voters said that marijuana business operations SHOULD NOT remain prohibited in the city limits. I have always said they should be treated like casinos and bars.

MAGA District Court Judge David Grubich is beating Michele Levin by about 4,500 votes. Long-time Clerk and Recorder, Democrat Rina Fontana Moore, is losing by about 20 votes (if my math is correct) to Republican Sandra Merchant.

Check out the Cascade County results HERE.


As for the state of Montana, there are still some races to be decided, but the MAGA folks did just fine. In the U.S. House, Matt Rosendale won. Ryan Zinke is leading. In the state legislature, it looks like Republicans picked up some seats.

One thing, maybe the only thing, for progressives to hang their hat on is Supreme Court Justice Ingrid Gustafson will retain her seat. With some of the dumb laws passed by the MAGA legislature and signed by our MAGA Governor, we need a State Supreme Court that can provide the checks and balances.

As for LR-131, which would require medical care to be provided to infants who are born alive, including after an attempted abortion, the “NO” votes are winning 52-48%.

Check out the State of Montana results HERE.


It will be days before the election results all shake out, but it looks like the Republicans will win the U.S. House and have a slight majority.

Who will win the U.S. Senate majority is too close to call.

In the U.S. Senate race in Pennsylvania. Democrat John Fetterman defeated Republican Mehmet Oz.

The Georgia U.S. Senate race has Sen. Raphael Warnock (D) leading former football star Herschel Walker (R). There could be a December runoff if neither gets 50%.

In the Arizona U.S. Senate race, Sen. Mark Kelly (D) is winning over Blake Masters (R).

In the Ohio U.S. Senate, JD Vance (R) beat Tim Ryan (D).

In the Wisconsin U.S. Senate race, Sen. Ron Johnson (R) is leading Mandela Barnes 50.5% to 49.5%.

That’s it for now!

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10 thoughts on “Election 2022: The Morning After

  1. I agree with much of what you say about the Dems, but I think there are other factors too making the Dems struggle. The first is a tremendous demographic change over the last twenty-five years or so. We’ve suffered a catastrophic MAGA infestation. There everywhere now. And they know nothing except their MAGA values. I went door to door campaigning with a friend on the west side, a traditionally Democratic area. I was surprised how many MAGAs there were.

    The second thing is that the old guard Dems of Great Falls are dying off. They were lions in their day. A real bastion of blue. The new ones coming up are equally as good, but they’re facing the MAGA infestation. It will take time to get it back.

    But a fitting metaphor for the situation is Don Ryan losing to Rea G. This should have never have happened. Don is old school, and a good guy. He has spent a good portion of his adult life in public service of one type or another to help our community. And he’s good at it. He deserved the job just on merit alone.

    And then along comes an internet trained MAGA Mary, who’s bizarre beliefs have wowed the nation, embarrassed the state, and garnered all kinds of national attention. The great speculation out there now is what will she do for an encore? I tried to read her home page, but it was an unintelligible incoherent jumble of high minded nonsense mixed with bad history topped with baloney. Apparently she brings communication with God, personal directives from the founding fathers, expertise in inalienable rights, sovereignty of the individual, hatred of federal government, small government nonsense, and all the other assorted gibberish gleaned from MAGA sites. What all that has to do with the job of county commissioner I couldn’t tell ya.

    When I was a kid there was a horribly offensive and inappropriate saying. It said, hire the handicapped. They’re fun to watch. Well, I’ve updated it to elect MAGAs, they’ll keep you entertained!

    Rea makes the big time again. And she hasn’t even assumed the job!


  2. If Republicans won every Cascade race and Marijuana won then MAGAs must be voting to allow sales in GF too.

    • Some MAGAs most surely did vote in favor of in-town marijuana. I know a few myself.

      Which tells you just how out of touch our County commission, some MAGA elected officials, and our City manager and commission are on this subject, doing their damnedest to thwart the will of the voters just because they are in positions of power and have their own personal agendas.

      For instance, voters in Sun Prairie had voted to legalize by a large margin, but there was their MAGA rep Lola out leading the de-legalization charge this past summer, first by hectoring the County commission and then involved in the failed de-legalization petition. Totally pursuing her own religious (?) agenda and ignoring her voters. I expect she’ll be a busy bee pushing mischief bills on the subject in next legislature, too.

  3. One positive of the election results is that Matt Rosendale might finally find something to vote “yea” on with a Republican house majority, even if it is headed for sure veto.

    Another is that voters nationwide seem to be saying yes to abortion rights, or no against against restrictions, even in Kentucky. You can bet our legislature here in Montana sees the writing on the wall and will never let the question come to a vote, especially after the Infant Born Alive measure seems headed for defeat … at least until the Repubs “find” 25,000 uncounted yea votes from Two Dot.

    And the 3rd is that the voters of Great Falls have seemingly said for the 3rd time said loud and clear, “We want legal recreational marijuana in Great Falls”, with the strong yes on legalization two years ago, the utter rejection of that de-legalize petition drive from local MAGAs earlier this year, and now this rejection of GF City government’s anti-business attempt to keep it out of town. Wonder if our City commissioners will finally take note.

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