Election Day 2022

Quote for today…

Voting is not only our right — it is our power. — Loung Ung

In today’s column, I take a quick look at these people/issues:

  • Election Night
  • Candidates – Thank You!
  • The Ballot


Will there be a “Red Wave” across the country tonight? How about in Montana?

I will be posting results on Twitter Tuesday night and following several websites for updates on races across the country.

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Thank you to all (yes all) candidates who are running for office. Much respect! We may not agree on everything, but your decision to run deserves a big thanks. After this election, win or lose, let’s all work together to make our state and nation better.

I’ll be watching and writing…


I think my ballot had about 23 offices or issues to vote on this time. Here are some of my thoughts:

I left several uncontested races like PSC, County Commissioner, Sheriff, County Attorney, and Treasurer, blank. Some are MAGA nutjobs and others don’t do a good enough job to get my vote. They will win, but maybe they will notice that not all the voters like what they are doing.

As for anything that will raise my taxes, like the County Public Safety levy, NO. As for adding another municipal court judge, NO.

I hope Michele Levine wins the District Court race in Cascade County against the Gianforte MAGA selection David Grubich.

Taxing medical marijuana is dumb. Taxing recreational marijuana is fine with me. I have not used the weed, yet.

Basically, my votes went against all the MAGA folks on my ballot. I hope Ingrid Gustafson wins the Montana Supreme Court race. I would like to see Independent Gary Buchanan win Montana’s Second Congressional seat.

CI-48 was a YES and LR-131 was a NO. I voted AGAINST amending the official Code of the city of Great Falls to specifically prohibit all types of commercial marijuana business categories from operating within the city of Great Falls.

I’ll probably not get my wishes in several of these contests and that is fine. I will sleep well tonight. I voted.



7 thoughts on “Election Day 2022

  1. A final touch of sheerest class from the Lola Sheldon-Galloway for HD22 campaign today: A traller parked in the Cascade County fairgounds parking lot outside the county’s polling place, with a big LOLA sign on the side.

    Just on the remote chance any voter from her district arrives to vote today still struggling to decide, “Lola? Or anyone else. Lola? Or anyone else … Oh wow, look! A big Lola sign! I’m sold!”

    • Interesting. That should be illegal since it’s on county property. I know there are rules about campaigning within so many feet of a polling place. MAGA runs the town, so probably nothing will be done. -JmB

  2. I received my ballot in mail around 3 weeks ago,immediately filled out most of it. Supreme Court Rice,Gustafson, CI 48 yes,LR 131,no,(more MEGA BS),Public Service Commission, voted Democrat Repke over Crazy MEGA Bukacek( but she probably will win since from very red Flathead Valley and God told her,”You do it”). I live in Lake County and all County Office holders are Republicans and no Democrat filed against them. I also left all those blank. I just find it unconscionable the Democrat Party lets these people just walk into office election after election. They can’t build a challenge against Wacko MEGA with no candidates on ballot. What took me so long to finish my ballot was the Zinke-Tranel race. I have voted for Zinke in past but this time I really was conflicted due to his support of MEGA and all his lobbying and basically doing anything to make a buck for himself. I had problems with Tranel to,
    Her out state staff very liberal, the emails were signed with the pronoun stuff which is not a big winner in this state. Her staff were very anti fossil fuel,I don’t think they realize how much this state relies on taxes from fossil fuel. I’m not anti climate but we aren’t there yet to generate all needed energy needs. There were just so many things about both candidates I didn’t like. But I finally voted for Tranel,because she didn’t run and hide from voting public as Zinke did most the campaign. We all ready have 3 public office holders that do that. They are Senator Daines, Rep.Rosendale and Governor Gianforte all crazy MEGA plus cowards so don’t need another one.

    • Dennis – it will be interesting to see how the Zinke/Tranel and Gustafson/Brown races turn out. Thanks, JmB

    • Jesus, Dennis, I respect your opinion and insights, but allow me to jog your memory. Zinke has been a sleaze ball since day one. He has NO redeeming qualities. He is a liar and a thief. I,too, served in the military in Nam. I knew a whole lotta guys that stole from the government. It was easy peezy. It was kinda standard procedure. I must admit that I did some petty pilfering myself. But I was no where near the thief that Zinke was. I always felt that stealing from the government wasn’t right, for that was basically stealing from my fellow citizens. Zinke had no such qualms. He viewed government service as his private debit card. In other words, he is a common thief. And he continued his thieving ways in government jobs since. He is unfit for office. I never could stand a thief.

      Refresher course. He’s a magat.

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