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Someone struggled for your right to vote. Use it. – Susan B. Anthony

Today’s independent commentary deals with these issues:

  • Brown vs Gustafson
  • More Political Hit Pieces
  • Endorsement
  • No Choice


The race for Montana Supreme Court Justice between current Justice, Ingrid Gustafson and Public Service Commission Chair James Brown must be polling closely as the attacks on Gustafson are coming on strong from the MAGA kooks who have wholeheartedly endorsed Brown in the nonpartisan race.

The Montana Republican Party Chairman Don “K” Kaltschmidt issued a statement saying Justice Ingrid Gustafson had two Judicial Standards Commission complaints filed against her.

In part, Kaltschmidt says “Montanans must elect James Brown in November so we can start to restore integrity of the judicial system.”

Can you believe that a political party is placing its clout to elect someone to a non-partisan judicial seat? This stinks in so many ways.

I think we need to re-elect Gustafson to keep the crazies from taking over all three branches of government in Montana. We need some commonsense people to perform checks and balances on the batshit crazy MAGA people in the state legislature and in the Governor’s office.

Of course, the folks filing these complaints are MAGA kooks and Republican insiders who are hoping to elect a full-blown Republican to the State Supreme Court.

There’s a lot to learn about James Brown – One thing I will remember is that my Northwestern energy bill is going to significantly increase because the PSC, of which he is chair, voted to allow the increases to happen,

Please join me in voting for Ingrid Gustafson.


As I said last week, you can almost set your clocks to it. Days before the absentee ballots hit the mailbox, the political hit pieces from the various groups start arriving.

Over the weekend I received several fliers, and I also received my ballot in the mail.

I received a flier from the Montana 55+ Action Fund promoting Democrat Melissa Smith for House District 23 and against current HD 23 State Representative Scot Kerns, a Republican. The flier has Kerns first name misspelled – he spells it S-C-O-T.

Basically, the flier says that Kerns, “Isn’t looking out for us in Helena” and that Smith “Is a new leader who will fight for us in Helena.”

You can view the flier HERE and HERE.

I plan on voting for Melissa Smith. I followed Kerns’ votes in the last legislative session, and he is a full-blown MAGA guy.


The Bozeman Daily Chronicle Editorial Board has endorsed Democrat Monica Tranel for U.S. Representative, 1st Congressional District.

Most of the editorial was about Ryan Zinke. The Board had this to say about Zinke: As for his record of scandals, everyone deserves a second chance. But after more than a dozen second chances, it’s time for a change.

Check out the full editorial HERE.


Mothers against Greg Abbott (Texas Governor) has released a very powerful campaign called “No Choice.”

Check it out HERE.



8 thoughts on “The Monday Memo

  1. Check it out, A little-watched Montana race has become a contentious abortion fight – The Washington Post

  2. Before the primary Josh Raki was attending Pachyderm club meetings with Jesse Slaughter. On the MT Supreme Court race he urged attendees NOT to vote for “her.” I got the impression it was because her opinions on appeals favored the accused in ways not normally expected by County Attorneys.

  3. Here’s the problem I have with James Brown. He worked for an organization that is basically trying to destroy Montana by illegal attempts to undermine our electoral process. He wasn’t a lobbyist. He was their counsel! In other words, as Schweitzer has noted, by virtue of violating established Montana law, this group is a criminal organization! This is NOT a Montana value to my way of thinking. By what stretch of the imagination could anyone possibly believe that this guy is qualified to be a Supreme Court justice?

    We have not had this level of blatant, egregious, obvious, outlandish backroom political corruption and double dealing since the days of the copper kings. No wonder Skees calls our state Constitution a “socialist rag”. That socialist rag has protected us quite well for over a hundred years from guys like Skees and Brown. We definitely don’t want to backslide into the days of the copper kings, at least without getting our bags of cash! It would be a tragedy to start now.

    In an interview Tuesday, the state’s outgoing governor, Democrat Brian Schweitzer, opined that WTP was a “criminal enterprise.”

    “Think about this—you’ve got folks who won’t say who they are, won’t say where they live, run out of a post office box,” Schweitzer said. “Who are these people? They’re clearly violating Montana laws.”

    I give you James Brown.

    • The “socialist rag” the Republicans scorn, is not over 100 years old. In fact it just was celebrated for its 50th year of existence. It is an amazing document which replaced the most egregious extremes of the 1889 Constitution, which of course was essentially drafted by the Copper Kings.
      The current Montana Republican party seems bent on taking us back to the 19th century, while the national party seems to be focused on taking us all back to the 1920’s.
      Neither intent is good for the overall population of either Montana or the United States as a whole. It is no coincidence that the amazing number of monied folks are buying us huge swaths of Montana and living in gated enclaves with the only concern being whether or not the regular folks provide them with services at starvation wages.
      And no a”good hard Montana winter” will not drive them out. They just go to their warm weather enclave and go on as usual.

      They are counting on the ability of their money to dupe Montanans and the others who are flocking here because they believe its a right wing refuge.
      Only the voter can change this. James Brown is truly a threat to all Montanans, just as is Zinke and Rosendale.
      How rich is it that Gianforte, who embarassed us with his assault on a reporter is touting Zinke who embarassed us with his scandals on every level.

      Who’s interests do you believe Gianforte, the multi-millionare is rooting for by pushing Zinke? Surely not the average Montanan.

      • Thanks for the correction, Old Line. After I hit send, I realized my mistake, but I figured that someone like you would come along and use that as an excuse to tee off on Brown. And it worked.

        I remember the Con Con well. I arrived in Great Falls right after it concluded. I have known many of the participants over the years. Some outstanding Montanans. Just a slip of the fingers.

      • Btw, Ol Line, I do like Zinke’s new campaign slogan.


        Catchy. And remarkably honest for Zinke.

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