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  1. I’m a little perplexed as to how you can think that the flyer against Brown is a hit piece. If anything, it’s terribly understated. His bio is public record. Everything mentioned in the flyer is verifiable. God help us if the truth ever becomes construed as a hit. God help us if being a lawyer and lobbyist for the worst corporate dark money group attempting to destroy Montana becomes qualifications enough to sit on our Supreme Court. There’s way to much at stake to let the fox in the hen house regardless of how much dark money is backing him.


    • Larry – as like the one I posted o. Wednesday it shows a less than flattering photo. The Union used the word “lobbyist”in a negative way. It was a promotional piece for one candidate and an attack on another.
      I think the Union failed big time and wasted their money on this. It could have been more pointed. They should look at hiring someone else to do these things – someone who has some guts and fire in their belly. They don’t seem to want to walk up to the line.
      Thanks for your comments, JmB

      • It’s not the fact that he was a lobbyist, it’s who he lobbied for. As I mentioned, you can’t get the whole story on a flyer. But if folks want the extended version of his bio and who he worked for, the Frontline program tells it all. Montana is in the crosshairs of the big money corporate elites. They want it all, and the average Montanan needs to figure that out pretty quickly or it’s all gone.


      • Both sides try to make lobbyist a bad word. I heard a MAGA person attack Racicot for lobbying. He would not have done that if Racicot would be doing ads for Brown. That’s disingenuous. As you have proved, hit pieces are in the eye of the beholder. In this case I support Gustafson, but wanted to point out the hit piece from her supporters. It should have been stronger. – JmB

  2. good blog good work Except your blindness about C.T.E 🙂 : Oh, also the broken record rolls on. Wake up Montanans, Rinky Dinky Lyan Zinke was Trump’s right hand man , and you would vote for him? D.V.F.T.P. (don’t vote for these people)

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