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In today’s column, I look at these people/issues:

  • Gibson Flats Fire
  • Britt Reid
  • Reading Assignments


KMON Radio reported Tuesday afternoon that the three defendants (Galvinn Munson, Brandon Bennett, and Jevin McLean) who were charged with starting the fire in Gibson Flats near Great Falls that destroyed 11 homes and 11 garages agreed to plead guilty.

KMON reported that Munson, who the district attorney’s office says was the ring leader in the case, has agreed to plead guilty to arson and criminal endangerment. And in the plea agreement the district attorney is recommending 20 years in the state pen.

As for the other two, KMON reported that Jevin Mclean has agreed to plead guilty to negligent arson. As part of his plea deal, he will be sentenced to ten years in the state prison with all suspended. He will also have to serve 180-days in a halfway house at his own expense.

The third defendant, Brandon Bennett has also agreed to plead guilty to the charge of negligent arson and will get ten years in the state prison, all suspended and have to serve 180-days in a halfway house at his own expense.

According to a report from the Great Falls Tribune, which differs a little from KMON: :

Munson, 20, pleaded guilty to felony arson and 44 counts of criminal endangerment, one for each of the people who were forced to evacuate their homes. Munson’s sentence recommendation on the arson charge gives him 20 years in prison with no time suspended. He also is looking at two years apiece for the 44 counts of criminal endangerment for a total of 88 more years to run consecutively to all other sentences. Munson will not be eligible for parole for at least 20 years due to a parole restriction placed on the arson sentence.

As for Bennett, the Tribune reported:

Bennett, 19, pleaded guilty by Alford to negligent arson and evidence tampering for his role in the fires. He faces 10 years in the Montana State Prison with all time suspended and 400 hours of community service for the arson charge. For tampering with evidence, Bennett will be given a one-year suspended prison sentence to run consecutively to the first sentence. He must also serve 180 days in jail on each charge. After credit for time served, Bennett will still owe 192 days.

As for McLean, the Tribune reported:

McLean, 20, pleaded guilty to negligent arson and faces a 10-year suspended MSP sentence and 400 hours of community service. He also will have to serve jail time in the amount of 117 days.

Reports say there were two fires set. The first was started by a roman candle and the second by a lighter. Winds were gusting up to 50 mph at that time.

If the reporting is correct, the plea agreements for Bennett and McLean are a joke. There were 11 homes destroyed by these idiots. Some of these people may never recover.

You can read the report from KMON HERE which also contains the plea agreements. You can read the Tribune article HERE.


Britt Reid is the son of Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid. Reid was in an accident near Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City in Feb. 2021. In that accident 5-year-old Ariel Young was severely injured.

At the time of the accident, Reid was employed by the Chiefs. His contract was not renewed.

It was recently reported that the attorney representing Reid in the case, J.R. Hobbs, said in a statement provided to KSHB 41 News that his client plans to enter a plea of guilty to charges of DWI causing a serious injury.

This is not the first problem Britt Reid has had – Reid previously spent time in jail on weapons and drug charges and had a prior DUI conviction while living in Pennsylvania.

With his history, Reid should get a significant sentence. Reports say he could get up to seven years. I hope he gets the maximum.

Ariel suffered a traumatic brain injury in the crash. The Chiefs later agreed to cover her medical expenses in November 2021.

Read the complete news report from KSHB in Kansas City HERE.


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  1. After reading your tweet on the Oath Keepers, ya really gotta wonder just what sort of law enforcement personnel could be stupid enough to fall under the spell of a couple of weirdos like Stewart Rhodes and his cofounder Richard Mack?

    Don’t answer that. I think we know!

  2. Thanks for the heads up on the story about the right wing extremist local blog that “demanded” political candidates answer its abortion question. Very entertaining.

    So the Republican candidate who was afraid to answer the abortion question “noticed” that Dem candidates do not normally respond to the blog’s questions. Big surprise. The blog execrates all Dems all year long. But that brave unnamed Repub candidate might also want to consider that reasonable and/or responsible candidates of all stripe have been avoiding that blog like the plague in recent elections – recall commission candidate McKenney also demurring. It’s simply not a legit or respected news outlet.

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