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Climb mountains not so the world can see you, but so you can see the world. ― David McCullough Jr.

In today’s column, I look at these people/issues:

  • Brown vs Gustafson
  • Student Loans
  • Classified Documents


It’s looking pretty good for Montana Supreme Court Justice Ingrid Gustafson’s re-election bid, as Lee Newspapers is reporting that she raked in nearly a quarter-million dollars in the last two months, more than twice as much as Public Service Commission president James Brown, who is challenging her for a seat on the Montana Supreme Court.

This will be a tough race for Gustafson but having the funds to get your message out will help her a lot.

One thing to remember is all that’s keeping Montana from going bat shit MAGA is the Montana Supreme Court. That’s why Gustafson will get my vote in November.

Read the complete report from Lee Newspapers HERE.


If the story from the Associated Press (AP) is correct, it appears that President Joe Biden will announce a plan to forgive up to $10,000 in federal student loans for many Americans and extend a pause on payments to January.

There’s plenty of disagreement from both sides about Biden forgiving $10k in student loans. I saw a meme going around in the MAGA circles saying:

“To the ‘My body, my choice’ crowd…Your student loan your payments.”

Comments like those remind me that the former President once said, “I love the poorly educated.”

I guess the simple answer is if you don’t want your debt forgiven, don’t apply or just continue paying it. Problem solved!

Read the complete report from the AP HERE.


Reuters reported on Tuesday that the U.S. National Archives discovered more than 700 pages of classified documents at Donald Trump’s Florida home in addition to material seized this month by FBI agents, according to a newly disclosed May letter the records agency sent to the Republican former president’s attorney.

Then Reuters reported that during the Aug. 8 search, FBI agents recovered more than 20 additional boxes containing about 11 sets of records marked as classified.

I handled classified material when I was in the Air Force. It’s not something that anyone should take lightly. Those who lost or mishandled classified material saw their careers end.

I don’t think Donald Trump and his family understand the significance of what they have done or what it means to have access to classified material. It is disrespectful to our country and to all those who protect it. Who knows who had access to the classified material at Mar-a-Lago?

These recent disclosures should alarm everyone. This is a lock the cell and throw away the key treasonous act by the former President.

Read the complete Reuters report HERE.

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4 thoughts on “The Wednesday Read

  1. Personally, I think the National Archives’ primary concern about all those sensitive and classified documents that Trumpsky illegally glommed onto is that they’ll all get wet when the rising sea level floods over Mar-a-lego. I suspect no one will be much concerned about how long Trumpsky can tread water when that occurs.

    • Brown is the frontrunner if one goes strictly by the number of campaign signs between Great Falls and Simms, a stretch in which they are seemingly joined at the hip with numerous Pinocci signs. Gustafson better step up her sign game.

  2. Do we honestly think any MAGA student or parent of a MAGA student would turn down free $10,000? They sure buried their faces in the trough of free pandemic loot Trump sent them, and later Biden.

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