Tuesday’s Quick Hits

Quote for the Day…

The key to getting along with people is to either lower your expectations or learn to drink. – Unknown

In today’s column, I take a quick look at these people/issues:

  • Heads-Up
  • Great Falls Public Schools
  • Public Safety Levy
  • Ohio Executions


School is starting across Montana this week. The public schools in Great Falls start on Wednesday.

Thanks to all the people who make the public schools in Montana the best – the teachers, administrators, engineers, food service, crossing guards, bus drivers, and volunteers.

Have a great 2022-23 school year!


In case you missed it, The Electric is reporting the Great Falls Public Schools board unanimously approved the budget for the current fiscal year during their Aug. 22 meeting.

Toward the end of the article, this information made me smile:

This year, GFPS received more money from the state in the guaranteed tax base and direct state aid, according to Brian Patrick, district business operations manager.
The district is levying 13.57 less mills this year, which equates to reduction in taxes for property owners of $41.52 on a home with a taxable value of $200,000, according to Patrick.

Did you catch the part about the “reduction in taxes for property owners…”

You don’t see that very often.

They already announced that they would not request a levy this year.

Read the full report from The Electric HERE.

I wonder what the public school haters will hate on now.


One of my faithful readers pointed out something I missed regarding the proposed Cascade County Public Safety levy request that we get to vote on in November. Did I mention I’m voting “NO.”

The last sentence of the story in The Electric contained his gem:

The levy would also fund an additional school resource officer and (Cascade County Sheriff Jesse) Slaughter is planning to roll out a school safety program that includes training and arming civilians who would be in the schools.

I’m pretty sure the school boards would get the final say if “civilians” were armed in their schools. If they do go ahead with this idea, I hope the training is better than the training received by the officers in Uvalde, Texas.


A story is going around the internet saying the state of Ohio has replaced lethal injection with a head-ripping machine as a form of execution.

The story continued with, the state of Ohio, “facing mounting objections that lethal injection is cruel and outdated,” had replaced lethal injection as a form of execution for condemned prisoners with a head-ripping machine that “quickly and humanely rips off the heads of death row inmates”

Sounds pretty cool and it might even be a deterrence, but it was a fake story from The Onion.

Check out the original story HERE and the fact check from Snopes HERE.

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1 thought on “Tuesday’s Quick Hits

  1. “Snark (presumably a portmanteau of “snide” plus “remark”) means indirect critique. Instead of rebutting the facts or the logic of an argument, snark casts doubt on the sincerity or competence of the source. It is not a full-blown ad hominem argument but a suggestion that the target is untrustworthy. It is usually humorous, although humor doesn’t seem essential.”

    “ If they do go ahead with this idea, (arming civilians in schools) I hope the training is better than the training received by the officers in Uvalde, Texas.”
    Jackie M. Brown.

    As I read the above sentence by Jackie, my snark meter went off as if a giant sized man had struck with a mighty blow of the hammer at the test of strength exhibit at the county fair sending the projectile upward with such force that it not only rang the bell at the top, but knocked it completely off it’s stopping point!

    That’s world class snark! And as such, the ball is now in Jesse’s court. He’s got a whole lotta splaining to do! With one sentence, Jackie defined the situation perfectly and succinctly. A one sentence rebuttal from Jesse ain’t gonna cut it. Now that he’s top dog, we need more than constitutionalist platitudes. Put up or shut up. We’re not all uneducated MAGAs out here who swoon at the site of Barney Fife in uniform!

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