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If only closed minds came with closed mouths. ― Kyla Stone

Today’s independent commentary deals with these issues:

  • The Western Word Poll
  • Thoughts on Roe v. Wade
  • Get Ready, Great Falls


This week’s poll question asks, “Do you approve or disapprove of the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision overturning the constitutional right to an abortion?” (Background)

The results will be posted later this week.


Here are my random thoughts about the U.S. Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade and giving the authority to the states.

Hello USA – we are as divided as ever. Friends are no longer friends, and families are divided, as well as some churches. The decision from the U.S. Supreme Court on Friday fractured our country even more.

I want peace.

I also want to win the lottery.

I worked for a very pro-life U.S. Senator, and I was pro-life for many years of my life. It is not that I want to see abortion services on every block like we have freaking casinos in Great Falls. I want abortions to be rare. I want people who need them to have access. The decision should be the woman’s choice.

If you are a pro-life friend and can’t stomach that last paragraph, go ahead, and unfriend me…

We are in a terrible place. Former President Donald Trump brought this country down into this sewer and we need a good cleansing to rid us of the stench.

An abortion clinic in Casper, Wyoming, was attacked by an arsonist recently. One of the so-called Christians protesting outside the clinic said, “We’ve prayed that some way the Lord would prevent this place from opening. So, if it happens to be vandalism and a fire, I’m good with that.” (Source)

The church that his man goes to should throw him out. No church should allow this from their members.

Yes, those on the other side are just as bad. We should not be targeting the Supreme Court justices by giving out their addresses or protesting in front of their homes.

Violence is not the answer.

Peaceful protests are an answer. Voting is an answer. These things can help make the changes.

There are politicians like U.S. Senator Steve Daines and South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem who are against abortion even in cases of rape and incest. When I hear about politicians having these views…

In the 1990s, I remember attending events and praying for different people like Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, and Barack Obama. Nowadays, if you pray for the “wrong” person you are shunned. Politicians attack each other on social media. Americans don’t respect the presidency.

We should be praying for all our elected officials no matter the party.

How could we have several recent nominees for Justices of the U.S. Supreme Court basically lie under oath when going through confirmation hearings? How can they sleep at night? The confidence in the Supreme court was at an all-time low before this decision, watch out now.

Here in Montana, look for an all-out press to ban all abortions in the state. I suspect that will happen very soon. There are elections in November, so it is more important than ever to vote for the candidate who shares your views. Please don’t cast a vote for any extremists. They are killing our country.

Meanwhile, up the road in Canada, abortions are legal and part of healthcare.

The comment section is open. No threats, please…


It looks like a tax increase is being planned for the citizens of Great Falls.

The Electric is reporting that the budget, proposed by City Manager Greg Doyon and staff, includes taking the full property tax increases available to the city, using a portion of the fund balance and some CARES Act funds to balance the budget.

According to the report, the city manager says without raising taxes this year, the budget would have a $2 million shortfall.

The horror. The horror.

It will be interesting to see how the so-called conservatives on the commission vote on this. If they vote to raise our taxes, then it will be noted here. I’m sure it will be used in their next campaign.

Look for long speeches and social media posts from them to explain their decision to raise our taxes.

Maybe the city should look at cutting all the pay to the commissioners and mayor and only pay them for any travel outside the city for official city business. Most say they don’t do it for the pay.

Then cut the salaries of all the department heads and deputies by five to 10%. I would cut the salary of the city manager by 20%.

Read the complete report from The Electric HERE.



8 thoughts on “The Monday Memo

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  2. The Electric story details not just one but several looming tax and fee increases. And don’t forget there’s also the upcoming request for a additional Public Safety levy based on the recommendations of the Doyon-guided crime task force, recommendations which as delivered were backed by no written findings or data. As commissioner Tryon told commissioner Moe when she brought up the lack of findings, supporting data, and reasons for the recommendations, “If you want findings you will have to create those yourselves.” In conservative Tryon’s world taxpayers are apparently too dumb to care about things like that. It has the Task Force imprimatur. Just vote yes.

    As for what the conservative commissioners might do about the tax increases currently on the table, keep in mind it isn’t really their job to lead the city or propose/debate/make the big decisions like say a congressperson or state representative might do. In our manager/council form of government.the commission’s primary job is to provide cover for the direction the City Manager wants to go as he carefully leads the commission by its nose, serve as lightning rods to absorb any citizen heat for the actions of the Manager and his staff, sit there as citizens make comments and nod their heads, and generally serve as an outward appearance that the City government is responsible to its citizens. Those conservative commissioners won’t rock the manager’s boat. They just gave him a fat raise.

  3. The comment you make is where I am at as well.
    I was a pro life loyalist for my whole life until I had five adult grand daughters. They made it clear that neither their grampa or their government had the right to tell them what to do about abortion. It is their choice. It is the toughest decision they will make in their life and it is theirs. Not mine.

    • Dave – Thanks. It’s funny how our children and grandchildren can change our perspective. -JmB

  4. Roe v Wade is nothing more than a declaration of war on the country, or more specifically a war on women. It’s as if the medieval Catholic Church somehow arose from history in full throated cruelty and oppression of its glory days. As a seventy year old recovering Catholic, I am horrified and dumbfounded. I know what’s coming because I lived through it once. It can’t be allowed to flourish or we’re doomed. The suffering will be unimaginable the brunt of which will be borne by the poor and minorities. It is an abomination of the religion of Jesus.

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