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Do what you can, with what you have, where you are. – Theodore Roosevelt

In today’s column, I take a quick look at these people/issues:

  • Heads-Up
  • The Gianforte Story
  • Biden’s Bike Mishap
  • Most Patriotic States in the U.S

Hello Summer – Welcome back!


According to SCOTUSblog, the Supreme Court will issue more opinions Tuesday (TODAY) and Thursday. Eighteen cases remain to be decided, including cases on abortion, guns, climate change, and religion in schools.

The first opinion is usually released around 8:00 am Montana time.

Check out the SCOTUSblog website HERE.


Montana Governor Greg Gianforte is back in the state and is being seen by as many people as he can to show he really cares about his constituents.

He probably refers to us as peasants.

Gianforte’s administration tried to cover up that he was out of state and then screwed up the response to his whereabouts during the Yellowstone floods.

It’s not going away. Google his name to see for yourself.

One of the interesting things I saw was the verbal readout of a “supposed” written statement that gave the Lt. Governor authority to act during his absence.

“Lt. Gov. Juras, During my brief absence from the state you have my delegated authority to act on my behalf in response to the flooding in Montana.” (Source)

It only gave Juras the authority to act “…in response to the flooding in Montana.”

Did that mean Gianforte was not planning on coming back until his vacation was over?

The billionaire Governor has created a mess. Sunshine Governor, sunshine. You need to answer some questions.

Over at the Flathead Memo, James Conner explores the mess HERE and HERE.


It was all over the internet. Biden fell while trying to get off his bike. Then the memes started. Some were very funny! Some were posted just because the person hates Biden.

With Biden crashing his bike, it brought back memories of me learning to ride a bike in the big community of Mill Grove, Missouri. You should look up Mill Grove, Missouri. That’s my first home. That’s where my ashes will be scattered after I die. At least that is my wish.

When I was learning to ride, that was back before helmets or pads. My mom wanted me to learn to ride on the lawn. My dad said, “He might as well learn to ride on gravel because that’s where he will ride most.”

My dad ran a digging service and owned a dump truck that was parked on the gravel street.

It took me a few times to get going but finally I was going and hit the dump truck head-on. What seemed like me splattering on the front grill only left a nice dent on my chrome bumper and some cuts and scrapes on me. I survived.

I can’t imagine being the age of Biden (79) and falling off a bike and showing up for work the next day. I fell out of bed a few weeks ago and I did not want to get out of bed the next day.

Go Joe Biden – much respect.


WalletHub is reporting that Montana is ranked the second most patriotic state, just behind Alaska!

Way to go, Montana.

Another nice finding was that Montana has the fourth most veterans per capita according to the report

One interesting thing from the report is that “Blue” states ranked more patriotic than “Red” states – by just a little.

Arkansas was the least patriotic state.

Check out the full report HERE.



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  1. Montana patriotic? Yeah, in a confederate sense. Once Derek Skees throws out our socialist rag of a constitution and replaces it with one more along the lines of the Texas model, I’ll believe that. Too many traitors and seditionists in Montana to have much allegiance you our country in the traditional sense. They’re MAGA patriots. Putin patriots. But not American patriots.


    • Montana scores high in patriotism because we have rodeo announcers constantly turning the volume up to 11.

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