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Never assume that loud is strong and quiet is weak. – Anonymous

Today’s independent commentary deals with these issues:

  • The Western Word Poll
  • Hate in Great Falls
  • Second Amendment & Hunting


This week’s poll question asks, “Should the Biden Administration end the policy called Title 42?” (Background)

The results will be posted later this week.


Last week I wrote about City Commissioner Rick Tryon being mad at the Great Falls Tribune. It seems Tryon has been mad at the Tribune for some reason since Moby Dick was a minnow…

On Sunday, the Tribune published a story in response to Tryon’s contention that no “anti-Trans rhetoric” was contained in the flyers. In the Tribune story, they said they sent the flyer that included the misinformation regarding the gender identity of two officials from the Biden Administration, Tryon doubled down and confirmed he had seen the part of the flyer in question.

You can read the full Tribune story HERE.

On Friday, I posted this comment from the lady who found 18 of the flyers in her neighborhood:

To the absolute rotting, garbage pile of a human being who took time out of their life to deliver anti-Semitic and anti-trans literature in MY neighborhood::: You. Chose. Poorly. (Source)

The Tribune also got a statement from James Bamfield, Great Falls LGBTQ+ president:

The recent report of antisemitic/anti-trans flyer was a painful to see. It’s awful to witness in today’s world people still attempting to push down certain groups while pushing an ideology of white supremacy. These flyers are a grim reminder that those who may be different, be it creed/religion or gender identity are viewed as less than human.
It was also disheartening to see a city official such as Mr. Tryon fail to see the anti-transgender message also being carried in such despicable flyers. While yes, the flyers are simplify identifying individuals as “Jewish” and three as “Transgender” it’s incredibly easy to see the message behind the flyers as being both antisemitic and anti-trans. The flyers push the narrative that “the Jewish people caused COVID. Being Jewish is bad!”. There is no reason to mention people are trans, unless those behind this flyer also want them to be viewed as “bad” as well.
The doors at the Great Falls LGBTQ+ Center are open to all, and we hope to not only support our local LGBTQ+ community, but also dispel hatred towards any targeted communities through education

I agree with Bamfield – it is disheartening to see a city official such as Mr. Tryon fail to see the anti-transgender message also being carried in such despicable flyers.

The more that these hate flyers are in the news, the more it hurts the image of Great Falls.

The duties of city commissioner seem to be way over Tryon’s head.


One of my frequent readers alerted me about this poster at a bus stop in Great Falls, so I took a photo of it for you!

The poster was “Paid for by MRLCC, PO Box 6656, Helena, MT 59604, Treasurer T. McGillvary.”

The MRLCC stands for Montana Republican Legislative Campaign Committee.

I think it is important at this time to list the words in the Second Amendment:

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

Some people can argue that the Second Amendment has nothing to do with hunting and some can argue that it has a lot to do with hunting.

I don’t care. I support the Second Amendment, but I don’t think that it allows you to own a tank, grenade launcher, etc.

I guess maybe the “bear” part can be connected to hunting (Lol).

A short story that has little to do with this – Many years ago my dad and I were watching the news when the newscaster said the USA was arming guerillas in Central America. My dad looked at me and said, “Those gorillas must be some very smart animals!”

I imagine the members of the MRLCC believe in the message completely. There are probably many of them who believe that Trump beat Biden, too.



5 thoughts on “The Monday Memo

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  2. Jackie,
    It is interesting to note the paradox of the Republicans messaging as compared to their actions. The poster you displayed is clearly a play to the emotional fears of the hunting population. As you note, there is no connection between the right to bear arms and the ability to hunt game.
    On the other hand, the Republican administration, through its control of the Fish and Game is focusing on reducing hunting opportunities for regular Montanans in favor of more out of state “dudes” and multimillionaires locking up lands (often bordering state or federal lands) for their exclusive use. Similarly, why is AG Knudsen signing on to a lawsuit calling for the legaliztion of “bump stocks” that turn semi-automatic rifles into virtual machine guns? What Montana hunter needs to blast away with 50 rounds or so to get that “muley”? Won’t be much left of it.
    Someone needs to investigate the allegience of our AG to the currently indicted Texas AG. Bad things are flowing north from Texas to Montana and ending up in the seat of our government. This is not good. There is more to the issue of limitless carry of firearms by anyone, anywhere than the ability to enjoy hunting.

  3. When you have a constitutionalist sheriff saying that BLM and Antifa are “terrorist” organizations, and a city commissioner camouflaging his acceptance of hate speech behind the first amendment, of course you’re going to have the LME, less mentally endowed among us, interpret that as an green light to bring even more hatred to your community. Expect it.

    And the law enforcement community is such a closed secretive society that I doubt that anyone running against Slaughter will call him out on his extreme views. Naturally no newspapers will. So we’ll get the type of hatred we deserve I guess. And to me that’s very sad. Real people will get hurt. Billings had “not in our town.” We’ve got why not in our town? Blacks, Jews, and LBGT, you’re own your own!

  4. It would be interesting to know what Commissioner Tryon thought those labels of some Biden officials as TRANSGENDER in big red letters meant if not anti-trans. Merely informational? Then why wasn’t anyone else’s gender information noted?

    And if merely hanging a label by someone’s name doesn’t mean anything then how could Tryon construe the flyer as anti-semitic? It didn’t actually say anything bad about Jewish people, just labeled some people with the flag of Israel and said the Biden administration was Jewish. Merely informational, just like the big red TRANSGENDER.

    Any hate people see in purely informational labels must obviously exist in their own sick minds. Don’t make it something it’s not. It’s not at all what the creators/distributors of the flyer intended. They were just passing on interesting facts and some free popcorn. A real public service. Yeah, that’s the ticket! At least In Commissioner Rick’s alternate universe.

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