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Being okay if it happens and okay if it doesn’t happen is a very powerful place to be. – Unknown

Caught My Eye (CME) is the once-a-week column that is posted every Friday morning. This is when I look at some of the stories I did not have time to write about during the week.

Here are some of the things that “Caught My Eye” this week:

  • Tryon and the Tribune
  • Montana Supreme Court
  • Reefer Madness
  • Ketanji Brown Jackson – Confirmed
  • Hunter Biden


I saw this week that Great Falls City Commissioner Rick Tryon was mad at the Great Falls Tribune for what he called “incorrect reporting” about “anti-trans flyers” being distributed in Great Falls.

Tryon wrote in the E-City Beat blog on April 6, “The Tribune reporter either hasn’t actually seen the flyer in question, is being intentionally dishonest in order to create a false narrative, or is referring to material other than what I have seen.”

He left himself a little wiggle room with, “…or is referring to material other than what I have seen.”

That’s politics 101. Good save, Mr. Commissioner!

Tryon goes on to write:

The Tribune should either correct the record concerning the contents of the flyer or specify how the ugly and bigoted anti-Semitic message contained therein is ”anti-trans”.
The attempt by the Tribune to invent a false flag, manufacture a bigoted anti-trans smear where none exists, and then try to falsely piggyback it on an actual, dangerous distribution of hate literature serves no one.
In fact, it is a disservice to the Great Falls public.

I don’t think the Tribune needs to correct anything. The person who discovered the flyers in her neighborhood wrote the following on Facebook (March 30) – before the Tribune ever reported the story:

To the absolute rotting, garbage pile of a human being who took time out of their life to deliver anti-Semitic and anti-trans literature in MY neighborhood::: You. Chose. Poorly. (Source)

The lady picked up about 18 of the flyers, and she is a first-hand source. I will trust her description over someone looking for attention. I have not seen any of the flyers.

No matter what, it’s a shame that this is happening in Great Falls. It hurts the community.

It seems the right-wingers in Great Falls are always complaining about the Tribune sometimes calling it the “Fibune” for their reporting if it does not fit the conservative agenda. That’s their right, but the whining gets old.

It’s important to get the facts straight before one goes about attacking the local newspaper. You may be accused of inventing a false flag, yourself. Attacking without knowing the facts is a real disservice to our community.


In a meeting Tuesday, the Montana Supreme Court clarified rules about maintaining digital records, including policies for what emails judicial branch employees should save or delete. Under the new policy, staff can delete emails related to routine “ministerial functions” such as scheduling meetings, sharing basic office procedures and random sales pitches.

I hope they won’t delete office jokes.

One thing I do like is that the Montana Supreme Court decided it was now 2022 and announced this:

The Supreme Court also announced a plan to increase public access to Montana’s district court records. The judicial branch is hoping to launch a public portal, which will allow people access to some court records from their own computers, rather than at a local courthouse.

Welcome to 2022!

Read the complete report from KTVH HERE.


Along with the report that Montana’s recreational cannabis sales have totaled more than $43.5 million, setting Montana on track to reach $174 million by the of the year, there’s a push by some “uncool” folks to fight the legalization in some Montana counties.

Lee Newspapers reported that SafeMontana, the anti-marijuana group headed up by Billings car dealer Steve Zabawa, has already raised more than $14,000 to support Yellowstone County opting out of recreational cannabis sales, $13,500 of which is Zabawa’s own cash.

I hope you caught the part where the group raised $14,000 and $13,500 was the leader of the group’s own money. It’s kind of like Greg Gianforte buying the governor’s seat with his own money.

Zabawa can do what he wants. I just hope the folks in the counties where he is trying to ban recreational pot tell him to take a hike, or toke, or something.

Remember this – Five drunk guys will start a fight… Five stoned guys will start a band.

Read the complete story from Lee Newspapers HERE.


The Senate confirmed Ketanji Brown Jackson to the Supreme Court on Thursday, shattering a historic barrier by securing her place as the first Black female justice and giving President Joe Biden a bipartisan endorsement for his promised effort to diversify the high court. (AP)

The vote was 53-47. U.S. Senator Jon Tester (D-MT) voted “YEA” while U.S. Senator Steve Daines (R-MT) voted “NAY.” (Source)

In other words, Daines voted against the first Black female justice cementing his place in history.

The vote was delayed about 25 minutes while they waited on U.S. Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) to show up. Politico reported:

Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) prompted a nearly 25-minute delay before the vote could be called, forcing senators — who had been asked to vote from their seats in the chamber — to awkwardly mill around to pass the time. He ultimately voted from the cloakroom, not in a suit. Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) also voted without a suit on.

I’m not sure if Paul was being an asshole or if he had a good excuse for being late. I’m leaning toward him being an asshole. I asked him on Twitter, but he has not responded.


I have not written much if anything about Hunter Biden, but I do have a prediction – the Republicans will take over the U.S. House and probably the U.S. Senate after the November elections. If that is the case, the January 6 investigation will end and the investigation into Hunter Biden will begin in the House and/or the Senate.

It’s not really to get Hunter Biden; it’s to beat Joe Biden in 2024.

It’s politics.

I don’t think anything I have seen about Hunter Biden has risen to the insurrection of January 6. We’ll see as more information becomes available.



9 thoughts on “Caught My Eye…

  1. Mark down Weds Apr 6 2022 as a red letter day.

    Moscow Matt “Nope” Rosendale managed a Yea vote on something for a change! The question was whether or not the Bden administration should report to Congress on what is being done to investigate and document and preserve evidence of possible Russian war crimes in Ukraine.

    This represented a no doubt painful break from the lockstep ranks of the most extreme of the extreme for Matt, as six of his usual pro-Putin running buddies still managed to vote no … Marge Greene, Gosar, Massie, etc. And Liz Cheney voted no by mistake. So good for Matt.



    • Terry – When I saw the article I figured he voted No. I was wrong and happy he voted the correct way and did not embarrass us. Thanks, JmB

      • Too late. The damage is done. I would suppose that Rosie has received so much negative feedback on his Ukraine vote from people of Ukrainian descent here in Montana and elsewhere, that he’s now peeing down both legs. He truly is a pathetic outta stater. He violated the most basic Montana value. Helping a friend.

        Picture this. Rosie’s tying one on in the local watering hole with a buddy when for no good reason at all, his buddy gets jumped by three drunken cowboys bent on mayhem. What would you do? What would any real Montanan do? Why you’d jump in and save your pal from a beating. Happens all the time when fellas get a snootful. Been there many times myself.

        But not our Rosie. Rosie would sit back and watch the show, and smugly explain to his buddy getting whomped that he would love to help just as soon as he returns a lawnmower he borrowed last week! He’s that kind of friend! Hard to believe that Rosie claims to represent Money values when he doesn’t even know this.

        But this guy does represent Montana values. I have know him for many years since our I-122 days. I can’t think of a better choice to whomp Rosie right back to Maryland where apparently he has a chicken farm!

  2. I initially wanted to post something really negative about the commissioner but I’m about halfway thru about 75 dollars worth of gummy bears. Maybe later.

  3. Did you ever wonder how much revenue the state of Montana did not receive due to its reluctance to make cannabis sales legal? Your comment about 5 drunks is simple and accurate: ask any police officer.

    • John – Good point. I think they’ve made about $9.8 million in taxes so far this year. Not bad.
      Thanks, JmB

  4. Similar flyers to what were found here in Great Falls have been posted online. If one wishes to see one from Florida:

    Looks like the same exact flyer to me. The bottom two pictures specifically refer to two individuals with a big red TRANSGENDER under their names, in addition to the flag of Israel next to their picture. It’s hard to see how that is not anti-trans – they are apparently twice as bad. One must assume there was something similar in the flyer found in Great Falls for the lady who discovered them to have stated in her own words on Facebook that they were anti-trans as well as anti-semitic. Unless the commissioner thinks she made it all up, too.

    I was going to comment at some point on a Trib report of the commissioner’s latest patented “I’m offended!” meltdown at the last commission meeting, no doubt delivered with the usual loud braying, but him going on record to publicly defend a hate flyer as “only anti-semitic not anti-trans don’t try to make it a big deal!” is so much more emblematic of his “leadership” record in this community. Thanks for the heads up.

    • Terry – Thanks for the additional information. I knew when I read what the commissioner said that I had seen the term before the Trib published it. Maybe he will issue a correction- haha. Thanks, JmB

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