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The older I get the less I feel the need to be included, understood or accepted. -Unknown

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…then it must mean another investigation or lawsuit from Montana Attorney General Austin Knudsen!

Montana Attorney General Austin Knudsen joined a 14-state effort to force President Joe Biden and his administration to turn over records related to the administration’s schemes to prevent parents from speaking out against leftist indoctrination in public schools. (DOJ Press Release)

“Parents concerned with what their kids are being taught in school are not domestic terrorists – and the White House’s attempt to label them as such is deeply troubling,” Attorney General Knudsen said. “Montanans deserve a full accounting of the Biden administration’s plans to surveil parents who attended school board meetings.”

Elsie chimes in…

Montana Superintendent of Public Instruction Elsie Arntzen welcomed the lawsuit.

“We appreciate that our Montana family values and government transparency are being supported by Montana Attorney General Austin Knudsen,” Superintendent Arntzen said. “Parents are the foundation of our children’s education as well as their first teachers. The rights of Montana parents to engage in their children’s education must be respected.”

Good Lord, please stop the madness.

Someone on Twitter the other day said that Knudsen was the best AG in the USA. That is complete bullshit. Montana’s drunk drivers are killing people. Young people disappear and if they are Native American nobody seems to care.

Knudsen is far from great. He is nothing but an attention seeker.


A TikTok account that I follow posted the following message about gas prices. The person is from Ireland: “Just an FYI to the USA – Gas prices have gone up all over the world. They have gone up here in Ireland. Joe Biden is not the President here, nor is he around the world.”

He goes on to say that gas prices in the USA are cheap compared to the rest of the world and he is right. He also talks about the Keystone XL Pipeline.

Watch the TikTok video HERE.

According to data from globalpetrolprices.com, 46 countries have gas prices that are $6 a gallon or more, 26 have prices that are at least $7 a gallon, and eight countries have gas prices that are $8 a gallon or more.

Check out the article HERE.

Finally, I share this from an account I follow on Facebook:

Instead of complaining about gas prices going up, try feeling grateful that you aren’t sitting on a concrete floor in a train terminal, holding your cat, wondering if your home and everyone you love has been blown to bits.


This week’s poll question is getting a lot of attention on Twitter, so be sure to take part!

This week’s poll question asks, “Which statewide elected official in Montana has embarrassed you the most?”

The results will be posted later this week.


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  1. I thought Trump had got the country nearly to the point of “energy independence” where we are producing almost as much as we consume. Sean Hannity sure yammers about it. So why are our gas prices moving in lockstep with the rest of the world? Is is possible that oil pumped out of U.S. wells gets sold to foreigners and is not reserved solely for consumers in the USA? And that the whole idea of energy independence is a sham as long as we rely on oil?

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