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CME is the once-a-week column that is posted every Friday morning. This is when I look at some of the stories I did not have time to write about during the week.

Here are some of the things that “Caught My Eye” this week:

  • Voting Rights
  • Missoula School Board
  • Taxpayer-Funded Trip
  • Vaccine Mandate
  • One More Thing


I have a few Facebook friends who are also friends with Great Falls City Commissioner Rick Tryon. I have had disagreements with Tryon in the past, and I don’t follow him on Facebook.

One of those friends brought the following post to my attention. It was good for a laugh, so I wanted to share it with my readers:

Just watched Biden’s Atlanta speech on ‘voting rights’ from yesterday.
Good Lord!
If you don’t support and agree with Grandpa Joe 100% then you are Bull Connor or Jefferson Davis???
Biden is the most divisive, hateful, mean spirited, partisan, incompetent, and dangerous POTUS in my lifetime. At least. And I ain’t young.
I’m not sure how we survive another 3 years of this train wreck of an Administration without serious permanent damage to our Republic.
Pray for our country, friends.

The part, “Biden is the most divisive, hateful, mean spirited, partisan, incompetent, and dangerous POTUS in my lifetime” was the part that made me laugh.

I guess he never listened to a Donald Trump speech, but it appears that Trump is his hero, and he patterns his public service after him.

You can read the transcript of Biden’s speech HERE and make your conclusions.

As I have mentioned before, Tryon will never get another vote from me.


Montana anti-vaxxers and anti-maskers have a new hero and that is Missoula School Board trustee Mike Gehl.

I don’t see Gehl as a hero; I see him as a dumbass. He should resign.

The Missoulian reported that Missoula County Public Schools trustees met for fewer than four minutes at their regularly scheduled meeting on Tuesday night because trustee Mike Gehl refused to wear a mask in the boardroom.
Board chair Diane Lorenzen asked Gehl if he would wear a mask twice before closing the meeting.

He appears to think he is a tough guy.

It was reported by the Missoulian that the board approved a universal masking policy for the district in a 6-3 vote in August. The same policy was extended in October. Gehl voted against the policy both times. The board-approved mask policy states that face coverings are required to be worn by all students, staff, volunteers or guests inside all MCPS facilities, including administrative offices.

It appears that the other two trustees who voted against the masks were wearing their masks at the last meeting. This is called being an adult.

Read the complete article from the Missoulian HERE.


The Montana Free Press (MTFP) reported that two Montana lawmakers were given taxpayer funds last fall to reimburse their attendance at a three-day “cyber symposium” in South Dakota where the host, MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell, perpetuated debunked allegations of widespread election fraud in the 2020 presidential election.

According to records obtained by Montana Free Press from the Legislative Services Division, Rep. Bob Phalen, R-Lindsay, was reimbursed $979.37 for lodging and mileage expenses incurred during his trip to the symposium. Rep. Paul Fielder, R-Thompson Falls, was likewise reimbursed $528.04 for mileage.

It was also reported by the MTFP that Phalen and Fielder were among six Republican legislators identified by the website Missoula County Tyranny as having attended the symposium in August. Records show that the other attending lawmakers — Rep. Steve Galloway, R-Great Falls; Rep. Jerry Schillinger, R-Circle; Rep. Brad Tschida, R-Missoula; and Sen. Theresa Manzella, R-Stevensville — did not file requests for constituent services reimbursements related to the event.

I think it is safe to say that these six legislators are the nutjobs of the Montana Legislature. I hope they received a free pillow for their travels…

Read the full report from MTFP HERE.


The Associated Press (AP) reported that the U.S. Supreme Court has stopped a major push by the Biden administration to boost the nation’s COVID-19 vaccination rate, a requirement that employees at large businesses get a vaccine or test regularly and wear a mask on the job.

But the U.S. Supreme Court ruled:

At the same time, the court is allowing the administration to proceed with a vaccine mandate for most health care workers in the U.S.

Look for the Biden Administration to try to find other ways to mandate vaccines. It’s their only hope to try and curtail the pandemic.

The Montana federal delegation (Tester, Daines, and Rosendale) supported the decision, although there are only 411 employers in Montana with more than 100 workers who would fall under the rule. (Source)


I heard a rumor that former Montana Governor Marc Racicot will be the keynote speaker at the Cascade County Lincoln-Reagan Dinner.

The Cascade County Republicans have gone off the deep end in recent years. They could learn a few things from him, like THIS.

I wonder if they remember that Racicot, who was once the head of the Republican National Committee, voted for Joe Biden for President just like many Republicans did?

We’ll see if the rumors are true.



22 thoughts on “Caught My Eye…

  1. Only in America could the pillow guy achieve such political relevance. And only a few morons in the Republican Party could make that happen.. Thanks, Galloway, fielder, et, al. The whole world is laughing at you. But not to worry. Mr Tryon will write an appropriately worded self righteous condemnation to the world excoriating their lack of patriotism.

  2. When I was a kid Tom Judge was participating in a political event near my parents home on the south side. His people asked if they could use our retaining wall to unload their donkey. They apparently didn’t have a ramp. They gave a bunch of us kids flyers to hand out. When the donkey spotted our dog Daisy it went nuts. A lot of screaming and crying, flyers scattered all over hell. Most of the kids ran away. In the same neighborhood I watched a donkey posing as a reindeer lift a boy off the ground by his chest. I don’t hold it against Democrats that they have a donkey as their symbol but someone else from my neighborhood could. Just by way of explanation.

  3. Now that the Oath Keepers are being arrested for sedition, and since one of the founding members of the Oath Keepers is sheriff Jesse Slaughter’s good buddy and mentor Richard Mack, I wonder if Jesse is ready to renounce his anti-democratic extremist views? It’s ironic that Jesse got his knickers in a knot over an accurate antifa poster. Maybe he ought to get himself a profa poster, for if you’re not anti-fascist, that makes you pro-fascist.

    Jesse’s true beliefs must be widely discussed before this next election. Now that he’s shown his true colors, he can’t be allowed to switch parties again. Ya lay down with dogs, you wake up with fleas.

    “The Oath Keepers are closely connected to the fascistic Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association (CSPOA) which was founded by former Arizona Sheriff Richard Mack, who is also a founding board member of the Oath Keepers. CSPOA sheriffs that have backed Trump and fascist militias include Joe Arpaio, David Clarke and Dar Leaf.”

  4. Good blog. Didja ever wonder if there is more than one universe? We have many examples lately.
    We are very fortunate that Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Corona Virus 1919 is not as virulently toxic as its predecessors ( I think it dates to 2002). Our misguided, politicized approach to public health will cause more unnecessary deaths when the next plague (think smallpox, polio, and many others) will surely come.
    Also, Senator Tester, When you find yourself in agreement with Daines and Rosendale, I would encourage closer examination.

    • Someone- Thanks. I have never wondered about more than one universe, although I have “heard” about some magic mushrooms that will make you feel that way!
      As for Tester, Daines and Rosendale are so extreme that they make him look like a centrist. Thanks again, JmB

      • Not trying to be anonymous. Universe was the only term I could think of. As our population grows, we need more we and a little, just a little, less me. WE is the best method for fighting infectious diseases.

    • I can’t fault Tester. Telling private employers they must enforce vaccination of their employees just seems a little too much treading on their toes.

      Of course, our congenital naysayers Rosendale and Daines were going to vote no, simply because it was Biden. You know they have no actual moral position on the subject of employer rights because they were quiet as church mice when our radical legislature and governor decided to steamroll private employers and businesses with laws that said they could NOT require vaccines even if they wanted to.

      • Terry – Good points. I heard through a couple of lawyers that businesses can still do the mandate on their own. The Feds can’t. Thanks, JmB

    • Mary – Thanks. I think I have read most of Peggy’s books. Loved “When Character was King” about Reagan.
      She is a national treasure. Thanks again, JmB

  5. Racicot is scheduled to be at the Republican Lincoln Day Dinner. I too was wondering if the organizers new of his recent writings. I plan on attending. I’ve disliked Biden since the 70’s.

    • Mary – Thanks. I never cared for Biden either, but rank him ahead of Donald Trump! Seems about 7 million voters did, too. -JmB

  6. FYI – Please keep your comments about people I write about at least PG. I will delete them even if they make me giggle. Thanks for your understanding. -JmB

  7. Missoula School Board trustee Mike Gehl took his kids out of Missoula public schools. Seems like a good reason for him to remove himself as a board trustee.

  8. Mr. Tryon did indeed describe ex-president Trump to a tee. It’s precisely why so many Republican voters chose to kick Trump to the curb and be rid of him last election, while still dutifully supporting all the other Repub candidates.

  9. Bill – Thanks for your comments, but I can’t post them. Your last line went a little too far. Thanks for your understanding. -JmB

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