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We all get the exact same 365 days. The only difference is what we do with them. -Unknown

Welcome to the final Caught My Eye (CME) of 2021!

CME is the once-a-week column that is posted every Friday morning. This is when I look at some of the stories I did not have time to write about during the week.

Here are some of the things that “Caught My Eye” this week:

  • Thank You. Thank You
  • Cascade County – Recreational Marijuana
  • Kathleen Williams
  • One More Thing


2021 was an amazing year here at The Western Word (TWW). This blog has been in existence since January 2005, and we’ve seen good years and bad years in viewership.

2021 was an exceptionally great year! TWW had almost double the number of views in 2021 from 2020, and almost triple the number of comments.

This past year I have been called a conservative, a liberal, and some things I won’t repeat. I plan to stay the course and since 2022 is an election year, you can bet I will be more pointed with my commentary. We’ll call out the liberals, the conservatives, and those who claim to be non-partisan.

Everyone is fair game.

Thank you, faithful readers. In the immortal words of the greatest rock band of all times, REO Speedwagon, “Keep pushin’ on!”


“The Electric” is quickly becoming the “go-to” source for local news in the Great Falls/Cascade County area.

This past week they reported about the Cascade County Commissioners and recreational marijuana.

I can honestly say I have no respect for any of the three county commissioners. I can proudly say that I have never voted for any of them. And, with at least one city commissioner being a prick, Cascade County and Great Falls are represented by several fools.

Overall, it looks like the county commissioners are against recreational marijuana as Commissioner Briggs was quoted saying “that the lack of industrial land would likely limit the number of marijuana shops in the county.” He also was quoted saying, “We have done what we can do to limit them.”

That may appease your conservative supporters, but the people voted for it, dumbass. I believe almost 55% of voters in Cascade County voted for it.

I am surprised recreational marijuana is getting off the ground with all the conservatives against it.

Thanks to those who are fighting the uphill battle against people like Briggs. I admire you! I am in your corner – party on!

Read the complete article from “The Electric” HERE.


I was just sitting down with my favorite glass of wine the other night and reading my newsfeed. I saw that President Joe Biden had picked Kathleen Williams to be the USDA Montana State Director for Rural Development. As I was laughing the wine went up my nose. I was not laughing because Williams is a bad choice, I was laughing because the pick probably sent the conservatives in the state over the freaking edge.

Hello Steve Daines. Hello Matt Rosendale.

That office has been stacked with conservatives for years. I was offered a job in one of their offices when there was a Republican President. My job was to go in and clean out the place. I declined. There are a lot of people holding positions in the USDA Rural Development office that were not qualified to hold their position, but they got it because of who they knew.

I think we can do without the USDA Rural Development. Other areas in the federal government can do the same job. It is bureaucracy at its worst.

Good luck to Kathleen Williams – and watch your back.

Read the announcement from the White House HERE.


Happy New Year!


9 thoughts on “Caught My Eye…

  1. Once again our wackos fall behind other states. What are they waiting for? Toast in the new year with horse paste! No prescription? No doctor? No need! But you won’t have to worry about worms as you turn into worm meat!

  2. The Electric story about legal marijuana, if it quoted the Cascade County correctly and in context, paints a none-too-pretty picture of what.those commissioners think of the will of the voters of the county and state. Kind of a “Sit down and shut up toadstools, we’re running this show” picture.

    • Terry – I forgot to add, they sure don’t treat casinos the same way. The best thing pot shops can do is start a strong lobbying group to strong arm elected officials. -JmB

      • There’s quite an excellent movie from 1936 about the evils of dope currently showing on Paramount+. Good (but already somewhat rebellious) girl goes bad before she’s even exhaled her first puff, other girls immediately take off all their clothes, and things only go downhill from there. Includes award worthy scene of typewriter typing and some really first class acting. A+ viewing for New Year’s Eve. Title: “Marihuana”.

        Thanks for the blog and best wishes for 2022.

      • Terry – Thank you for the tip on the movie!
        Have a great New Year! Thanks for reading.

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