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I tried to be normal once. Worst two minutes of my life. – Unknown

Today’s independent commentary deals with these issues:

  • The Western Word Poll
  • The Booster Shot
  • FCS Football Playoffs
  • Reading Assignments


This week’s poll question asks, “Have you or will you receive the COVID-19 booster shot?” (Background)

Results will be posted later this week.


I received my COVID-19 booster shot on Friday at the mall in Great Falls. It took about 20-30 minutes total. It was free.

I think it is my patriotic duty to do what I can to stop the spread of COVID-19. I think that those who refuse to get the vaccines are unpatriotic and, more specifically, dumbasses.

I also received a handy wristband to show people I am vaccinated.

As for side effects, it was about the same as the flu shot. I had a little bit of headache for about an hour and some soreness at the injection site. It was nothing!

Get vaccinated and get your booster shot – do your part – be a patriot!


The Montana Grizzlies fell to James Madison 28-6 Friday night. That ends the season the Griz.

The Montana State Bobcats kind of shocked the FCS world by whipping #1 Sam Houston State 42-19 Saturday night.

The Bobcats will get to host South Dakota State on Saturday (12/18) in Bozeman. The winner goes to the National Championship. The game starts at noon (Montana time).

I hope the Bobcat fans fill the stadium!

The other semifinal has James Madison playing at North Dakota State Friday night. That game is set to start at 7:15 pm (Montana time).

The games will be televised on ESPN2.


Here are some articles that you should read…

Former Montana Gov. Marc Racicot warns republic is at risk
Racicot is correct – this is a must-read article…

Editorial: Superintendent Elsie Arntzen should make the responsible choice: Resign.
I don’t think she will listen…

Do charges of carpetbagging still matter? A number of 2022 elections may provide an answer
Only when the candidate is from the opposite party…

Chief Justice John Roberts warns Supreme Court over Texas abortion law
The abortion fight in the courts is getting interesting…

Did Biden Read ‘End of Message’ During Bob Dole Tribute?
“I’m Ron Burgundy?”


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  2. The people of Montana really need to start paying closer attention to the wackos that are taking over our state. They are NOT the live and let live type. They’re out to destroy and hurt anyone who doesn’t think like they do, and dismantle our existing institutions. And their beliefs? Certifiably nuts and un-American. Need proof? Read the following from the folks who sponsored the church meeting where the guy called for school supers to be shot. (See below). For them, it’s not a huge leap to go from metaphor to reality. In other words, the more unhinged of their followers will take this message as justification to act. If superintendents are destroying the country and defying God, then there’s only one way to stop them. Shoot them. (Wink, wink) To save our country.

    Pretty heady stuff for low brows to digest.

    This from Montana Sen. David Howard. How does a person get like this?

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