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Quote for the day…

People will get mad at you for speaking the truth, rather than being mad at the people who lied. – Unknown

Today’s independent commentary deals with these issues:

  • The Western Word Poll
  • Great Falls Municipal Election
  • Reading Assignments


Over the weekend, Lee Newspapers posted an interview with Montana Governor Greg Gianforte in which he “defended his administration’s policies toward the pandemic, which have included signing into law the nation’s only prohibition on private businesses requiring vaccines in the workplace, and several measures that limited the power of local health departments to implement measures to curb the virus’ spread.”

Please read the full interview HERE.

This week’s poll question asks, “What grade would you give Governor Greg Gianforte regarding his response to the pandemic?”

The results will be posted later this week.


Some local conservatives are out in force attacking current Great Falls Mayor Bob Kelly, who is running for reelection.

As I said before, I’ve voted for Kelly in the municipal elections and I have also voted for his opponent, Fred Burow, in municipal elections.

I happened to catch some posts on E-City Beat about Kelly. They are also claiming “local media will squash you like a bug” if you say anything negative on posts about Kelly.

Even a former mayor attacked Kelly.

It’s pretty clear who will get my vote for mayor of Great Falls. I don’t think we need any more Trump supporters running/ruining Great Falls.

I guess we’ll see how much power the conservatives have in the Great Falls Municipal election.

Thanks to every candidate who is running for public office.

More information about the next election can be found HERE.


Here are some articles that you should read…

‘Montanans should be able to choose for themselves’: Tester backs bill to restore food label law
This should have been settled a long time ago…

U.S. Representative Matt Rosendale Newsletter
Rosendale says he introduced the SECURE America Act, in response to the mass resettlement of unvetted Afghan refugees across America and the crisis at the border.

Donald Trump, Unprompted, Tells GOP Donors He Doesn’t Like Having Women Pee on Him
Ladies and gentlemen – Donald J. Trump served as the 45th President of the United States…

Publix heiress, funder of Jan. 6 rally, gave $150,000 to GOP attorneys general association
Good to know…


8 thoughts on “The Monday Memo

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  2. I know that Phil is an architect who thinks he’s a lawyer, but what he and his Trumplicans don’t understand is that they don’t have the “right” to appear in person before the city commission. In fact, they actually have no right at all except what is granted by the public body. It’s settled law, regardless of how tight he gets his knickers in a knot.

    • I’m not really sure what persuasive rational argument those righties feel they can’t deliver in a Zoom session that they think they can deliver in person. Major corporations and government agencies all over the world are conducting their business in just that manner and things seem to be humming right along.

      The general impression I get is that lacking persuasive rational argument they feel showing up in person to testify loudly and emotionally with some mob backing will intimidate commission members.

      Interestingly enough, the former mayor and wannabe mayor Burow were not always such champions of the public’s unfettered right to speak at commission meetings as they make out to be now. Back in 2014 and in the heyday of classic public commenters like citizen Witsoe the former mayor decided the meetings needed to be more “businesslike” so he and his commission had the City Attorney prepare a resolution that would have limited all public comment to three minutes, down from unlimited time on agenda items and five minutes on non-agenda items. Then commissioner Burow supported some lesser time limits, while then commissioner Kelly opposed lowering the limits. They ended up tabling the measure at the time, but I believe the rule did at some later date become five minutes on agenda items and three on non-agenda.

      See commission minutes, starting bottom of page 6:

  3. The former mayor’s attack on Kelly in the local far right blog was certainly entertaining, starting with his opening sentence: “No one !! I mean NO ONE deserves a 4th term in any city elected office !” Apparently that’s a new rule that only came into effect when this former mayor lost his own bid for a 4th term back in 2015 … to Kelly. Then after trash talking Kelly the former mayor finishes by saying he doesn’t trash talk anyone. Start to finish, a nice effort.

    It’s also not the the first contribution to that blog by the former mayor that came off as sore loser talk.

    • Terry – Good points. I did not know that about the former mayor. Thanks, JmB

      • “Corky, remove him.” Famous funny words from former goofball mayor. The video was hilarious. Went viral. I’d post it but I can’t find it.

        Ron Gessaman, who was only about a hundred times smarter and more educated than Mikey, was testifying on a matter. Mikey hated being shown up by smart people. Ron was gesticulating with his finger. I do the same thing when speaking, especially to indicate a list of things as if ticking off each item for emphasis. It’s just habit.

        Anyway, Mikey took offense. He hollered at Ron to “put your finger down.” Ron was stunned and bewildered. Then angry. He kept his finger in the air defiantly now and didn’t know how to react, stunned that Mikey found the gesture offensive, for he wasn’t using it in a scolding manner.

        Finally Mikey turned to chief Corky and issued his famous demand. CORKY, REMOVE HIM! Pretty much a metaphor for Mikey’s tenure as mayor. Incompetency. The nation got a good chuckle out of that video.

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