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It’s amazing how many parents went from, “I don’t understand my kid’s sixth-grade math homework” to, “I’m an infectious disease expert” in just six months.The Other 98%

Today’s independent commentary deals with these issues:

  • The Western Word Poll
  • Vaccination Requirements
  • The Ex-FedEx Employee
  • The Kansas City Chiefs


This week’s poll question asks, “Do you think the Federal Government will shut down in October?”

Background information can be found HERE and HERE.

Results will be posted later this week.


Gallup Polling reported last week that Americans generally approve of President Joe Biden’s Sept. 9 plan mandating that millions of U.S. workers be vaccinated against COVID-19. Roughly six in 10 U.S. adults are in favor of those requirements for federal government workers, employees of large companies, and workers at hospitals that receive federal healthcare funds. There is greater support, 68%, for requiring companies to give employees paid time off to get vaccinated or to recover from vaccine side effects.

This is a commonsense approach.

You can read the complete Gallup report by clicking HERE.


I am on TikTok and this story was getting a lot of attention in the past few days. It was only a matter of time…

A former FedEx driver who vowed in a profanity-laced video to never deliver packages to houses championing the Black Lives Matter movement, Joe Biden, or Kamala Harris has since been fired — and now won’t be delivering packages to any houses at all. First reported by TooFab on Friday, the delivery company terminated employee Vincent Paterno, 39, after catching wind of a TikTok video in which Paterno smugly states he will not extend services to any house with a flag representing BLM, the President or VP, using a vulgar term to mock Harris’ first name.

Good for FedEx.

Read the story HERE and HERE.


A short note about the Kansas City Chiefs…

My Kansas City Chiefs lost another game on Sunday, this time to the Los Angeles Chargers. The Chiefs are 1-2 and in last place in the AFC West.

The season by no means is over the Chiefs. The luck they had the last two seasons has disappeared so far this season.

They have lost focus on what made most of them millionaires, and that is football. The stars of the team are being stretched thin. Other stuff is on their minds besides football.

I do not care how many endorsements you have, the size of your house, how far you can throw a football, who you date or have a baby with, or who you think you can beat in the 40-yard dash. I care about wins and losses.

That is it.


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  2. Anti-mask “patriots” get their comeuppance. Truly bizarre and incomprehensible to me. Who goes to war over someone else wearing a mask? Glad to see some push back. Distressing to hear racist remarks from some in this crowd of deplorables. I think that indicates their true agenda. Their hatred oozes from these losers. And chants of USA,USA. Not my USA. In my USA, you can have a nice breakfast without being accosted by morons.

    • Agree with you Larry.

      White bullethead deplorables are not the regular customers of any chicken ‘n waffles business, so this private business’s mask rule was not affecting them personally in the least. They were there to spew their standard MAGA racist hatred, and it came across quite clearly.

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