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Today’s independent commentary deals with these people/issues:

  • Montana DPHHS Emergency Rule
  • Dogs and Watches
  • The Western Word Poll


Montana Governor Greg Gianforte announced the Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services (DPHHS) issued an emergency rule to promote the role of parents as the ultimate decision makers on matters pertaining to the health of their children, including on the issue of wearing masks in schools. (Press Release)

As soon as I saw it on Twitter, I replied to the governor saying, “This is bullshit.”

The “new rule” has no teeth. It states, “…schools and school districts should consider…” The keyword is “should.” If Gianforte’s new rule was challenged in court it would be overturned. I am sure the court would say in this instance that the school trustees have the ultimate say.

Of course, the anti-maskers were all giddy about the decision, that is until they heard Bozeman would still require masks. Then Helena. Then Great Falls.

Read Gianforte’s press release HERE.

I’ll be standing by waiting for whatever stupid stuff Team Gianforte dreams up next.


No matter what Marjorie Taylor Greene and her idiot followers post, the USA did not leave military working dogs behind in Afghanistan. (Source)

Snopes rates the claim that dogs were left behind as “False.”

Did President Joe Biden look at his watch during a solemn ceremony for the military personnel killed in Afghanistan?


Corrections & Clarifications: This story was updated Sept. 2 to note that Biden checked his watch multiple times at the dignified transfer event, including during the ceremony itself. The rating on this claim has been changed from partly false to missing context. Source:

I don’t think he did. If Hannity and the Fox News folks want to play the clip in slow motion over and over, one would think that Biden spent an hour looking at his watch. (Source)

The only person who knows for sure is Joe Biden.

It would be nice if people would check the facts before posting. It makes you look dumb when you post fake information.


Public schools are starting across the United States. There are several ideas about when schools should start.

This week’s poll question asks, “When should public schools begin the new school year?”

The results will be posted on Thursday.


6 thoughts on “The Wednesday Read

  1. I’ve been searching like crazy to find what religious belief a mask mandate could violate. The only thing I could find was this from a Marine who was recently booted out of the Corp for refusing to wear a mask. Seems like a stretch to me, but she apparently feels this belief so strongly that she ruined her career. Maybe this is what Punchy G is referring to. He really should explain why he included the religious exemption, because I think most folks are like me. Completely baffled how masks are irreligious.

    “”In an interview with, McHaffie said the mask mandate violated her religious liberties. She said that she doesn’t believe masks are effective and wearing them would be to bear false witness, a violation of the ninth commandment in Judaism and Christianity.”

  2. Legitimate rules have the force of law. They mandate or permit certain actions; they prohibit others. The auxiliary verbs that function in rules are “shall,” “must,” “may,” and “may not.” “SHOULD” does not belong in any administrative rule. It’s a feckless, ineffectual word in a regulation.

    I guess I can understand DPHHS Director Meier and Governor Gianforte playing the political gambit to pander to the rabid, anti-maskers. But the “rule reviewer,” DPHHS attorney Robert Lishman, certainly knows better than to sign off on this rubbish.

    • jcolemanmoore – Thanks for your comments. I was wondering the same thing about the DPHHS attorney. I doubt this is over. -JmB

  3. Punchy G’s only purpose was to stir the pot of his christofascist fundi anti science base. I mean, come on. Seriously? They’re gonna start killing people over face masks? It’s good to see the pushback though from the education and health care communities. Makes Punchy look like the moron he is. He better stick to the science he understands, like the earth being six thousand years old, and his dinosaur museum where humans and dinosaurs walk together.

    Unfortunately, all board meetings will have to have a police presence in the future. And the meetings will have to be run to eliminate the nonsense from the wackos. It can be done.

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