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Today’s independent commentary deals with these people/issues:

  • Biden Talks Tough
  • Cheney’s Big Haul
  • Handgun Purchases
  • The Western Word Poll


President Joe Biden talked tough on Tuesday about voting. The Associated Press (AP) said that “Biden blasts ‘un-American’ voting limits.” Reuters reported that “Biden decries Trump’s ‘Big Lie.’”

It may be all talk.

In his speech, Biden talked about the “Big Lie.” Here’s part of his speech:

With recount after recount after recount, court case after court case, the 2020 election was the most scrutinized election ever in American history. Challenge after challenge brought to local, state, and election officials; state legislatures; state and federal courts — even to the United States Supreme Court not once, but twice.
More than 80 judges, including those appointed by my predecessor, heard the arguments. In every case, neither cause nor evidence was found to undermine the national achievement of administering this historic election in the face of such extraordinary challenges.
Audits, recounts were conducted in Arizona, in Wisconsin. In Georgia, it was recounted three times.
It’s clear. For those who challenge the results and question the integrity of the election: No other election has ever been held under such scrutiny and such high standards.
The Big Lie is just that: a big lie.

Many Democrats want the Senate filibuster done away with so the Voting Rights Act can be passed. I think that’s the only way they will get it passed.

I want voting to be as easy as possible. You should show your ID to vote. You should be able to register and vote on Election Day. You should be able to vote by mail.

Many Republicans, including those in the Montana Legislature, have made it harder to vote. Other Republican-controlled states are doing the same.

Shame on the Republicans.

Read the full transcript of Biden’s speech HERE.

Read the AP article HERE.

Read the Reuters article HERE.


Fox News reported that Rep. Liz Cheney of Wyoming, the most high-profile of the 10 House Republicans who voted in January to impeach then-President Donald Trump, set a second straight quarterly fundraising record. Cheney’s 2022 reelection campaign hauled in $1.88 million in the April-June second quarter of fundraising, an increase from the record-setting $1.5 million Cheney brought in during the first three months of the year.

I imagine Fox News sees the writing on the wall. Cheney is not going anywhere and after the Republicans sober up from their Trump-induced drunk, they will need to come back around and be friendly with her.

I say good for Cheney – keep up the great work!

Read the whole report from Fox News HERE.


A frequent reader alerted me to this decision…

The Hill and other sources are reporting that an appeals court ruled on Tuesday that a 21-year minimum age restriction for handgun purchases is unconstitutional. A three-judge panel for the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 4th Circuit determined that regulations preventing firearm dealers from selling handguns to individuals younger than 21 years old violated the Second Amendment.

The following is the part that got my attention:

Judge Julius Richardson, who was appointed by former President Trump, wrote the majority opinion, contending that the protections provided by the Second Amendment should apply “whatever the age.”

Does the judge believe that a six-year-old should be able to purchase a handgun?

I own guns. I believe in the Second Amendment, but I don’t think that means people should own machine guns, tanks, or grenade launchers.

We’ll see if this decision holds up through appeals. If it does, some bozo in Montana will probably start a Montana Concealed Carry Online Course, and those toddlers who complete it will get a genuine Scooby-Doo holster for their handgun.

Read the complete report from The Hill HERE.


In case you missed it, a statue of Confederate General Robert E. Lee was removed by officials in Charlottesville, Virginia, this weekend.

The Associated Press (AP) also reported:

Also removed Saturday was a statue depicting Sacagawea, and explorers Meriwether Lewis and William Clark, which has been criticized for a depiction of the Native American guide and interpreter some view as subservient and weak.

This week’s poll question asks, “Do you favor removing Sacagawea, Meriwether Lewis, and William Clark statues?”

Click HERE to take the poll.

Results will be posted Thursday.


3 thoughts on “The Wednesday Read

  1. It’s beyond deeply troubling that our own sheriff has declared himself to be a constitutionalist, and that he gleefully consorts with the likes of Richard Mack, and that he has also condemned antifa as a terrorist organization. What’s next? These so called constitutional sheriffs are insane. Lots of good links in this article. I would advise people to be aware of these guys, because it is a growing movement making alliances with all kinds of racists, thugs, and anti-Democratic organizations.

    • P.S. It’s obvious to all by now that Jesse was a stealth candidate. He was never a democrat. He lied and misrepresented himself. Everything he did was by design. He didn’t suddenly have a change of heart. He made these plans to infiltrate the sheriff’s office long ago so that he could do his part to spread the racist antigovernment agenda of the constitutionalist sheriff organization.

      Watch the video below with Jesse and his buddy Richard Mack. In it he talks about training everyone in the sheriff’s office in the history of the constitution as taught from a course from Hillsdale College. Never heard of it? I hadn’t either. But turns out it’s a far right school funded by groups like the Koch brothers. Very, very racist where they are taught the “Greco Roman” origins of the constitution. In other words, white people! Straight white people. (Good ny times under google)

      At this point I must ask just who the hell wants a sheriff who attempts to influence our kids with fascist nonsense in the classroom? We gotta get this guy out. He’s way out of his lane. The parents of these kids need to know just what sheriff “Ammon Bundy” slaughter is up to!

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