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You were born with the ability to change someone’s life, don’t ever waste it. -Dale Partridge

Today’s independent commentary deals with these people/issues:

  • Confederate Statues
  • The California Ban
  • The Western Word Poll
  • One More Thing


The Hill reported late Tuesday evening that the U.S. House of Representatives passed legislation that would remove artwork from the Capitol that honors people with legacies of defending slavery, including by serving the Confederacy. The 285-120 vote was bipartisan, but it split Republicans. A minority of 67 Republicans joined with all Democrats in support, while 120 voted against.

Representative Matt Rosendale (R-MT/AL) voted NAY. (Source)

Rosendale released a statement about his vote. Read it HERE.


If you follow me on Twitter and/or Facebook then you were one of the first to see a Reuters story about California adding Montana to its list of places where state-funded travel is banned because Montana has laws that discriminate against the LGBTQ community.

Some on the right made fun of the ban. Montana’s junior U.S. Senator, Steve Daines, posted the story on his Twitter feed saying, “Is that a threat or a promise?”

It does not make Montana look good by discriminating. Overall, the actions by the last Montana legislature may please the homophobic people who reside in the state, but it will end up harming the state.

As for Daines, he was born in California. Montana’s Governor, Greg Gianforte, was also born in California. Some people might say they should have banned these two stooges from moving to Montana. You won’t get an argument from me about that.

Read the full report from Reuters by clicking HERE.


Derek Chauvin, the former Minneapolis police officer convicted of murder in the death of George Floyd, was sentenced Friday to 22 and a half years in prison. (NBC News)

This week’s poll question asks, “Do you agree with the sentence given to Derek Chauvin?”

Click HERE to vote in the poll.

The results will be posted on Thursday.


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10 thoughts on “The Wednesday Read

  1. A very timely article on Rosendale, and, I would add, on our own newly minted “republican” sheriff who labels antifa and BLM as enemy terrorist organizations. Poor Jesse doesn’t understand that we Dems do back the blue. We just don’t back the stupid and racist. And anyone who doesn’t understand what anti-fascist means is damn stupid.

    • Larry – it’s going to be a crazy couple years! Thanks, JmB

    • check out the Arise USA tour crossing the state next week, very good speakers on property rights and things we can do to fight back.
      Donald HookCascade County Constitutional Caucus
      June 26 at 4:37 PM · Loma ·
      Trent Loos, Sheriff Mack and others will be at Ma’s Cafe in Loma, MT on Tuesday, June 29 at 6 pm. This is an outdoor event – bring chairs.
      Trent has been active in Opposing NHA’s and Opposing Biden’s 30 x 30 Plan. Land Grabs is a topic in his presen… See More — at Ma’s Loma Cafe.

      • Follow up. Great thing about America is that anyone, even the lowliest trailer trash, can be an expert on Jesus, the Constitution, and law. Amazing when you think about it. Jesse’s people.

        “ Ma’s Loma Cafe
        2h ·
        To Whom it may concern:
        It was my wife Maria and my pleasure to host a tour group at our Cafe in Loma on Tuesday June 29th. My wife Maria was especially thrilled as she spent 6 years becoming an American Citizen the legal way. She understands better than most that Freedom can be taken away very quickly. We both feel that our Rights, granted to us by our Constitution and God are under attack by over zealous facious Politicans in Washington D.C. The group we hosted believe in 3 Truths: 1: Faith 2: Family 3: Freedom. First we sang God Bless America and several other Patriotic songs. We then said the Pledge of Allegiance, sang the National Anthem and a prayer was given. The 1st speaker was from Portland Oregon, son of a family of creative actors. He impersonated Abraham Lincoln and gave a rendition of the Gettysburg Address, there was not a dry eye in the crowd of over 150. If you have not read this speech given by Abe at a critical time in our history.. PLEASE DO SO!!!
        Every other speaker spoke of Faith, Family, Freedom and encouraged everyone to become active in Local, County, and State policies. The last speaker, an African American from New Jersey, spoke of us as Americans! Not Whites, Blacks, Browns, Yellows, Reds.. Before leaving the stage he told the story of a walk in his NJ home town where he met an elderly person struggling to breathe, passing by he asked if there was anything that he could do to help. The elder said no I just can’t breathe. The gentleman then asked the elder, why don’t you take off your mask? The elder said No I can’t do that, THEY told me I can’t…..
        In this day with all the Social Media and Scrutiny everyone needs to think very carefully about what THEY are telling US.
        Before posting snide remarks and 1/2 Truths, why not stop at our Cafe and speak to us person to person?”
        Happy Fourth of July!!
        Greg and Maria
        Ma’s Loma Cafe

  2. “Representative Matt Rosendale (R-MT/AL) voted NAY.”

    Of course he did.

    Matt Rosendale’s record is such that he would have voted against everything that would bring an end to the legacy of slavery in the USA since the Emancipation Proclamation. He would probably have voted against that too except it was a proclamation. Fifteenth Amendment: Nay. Twenty-fourth Amendment: Nay. Civil Rights Act: Nay. Voting Rights Act: Nay. Etc. Etc.

    The Confederate figures honored by artwork in the Capitol took an oath to a different country for God’s sake. They rebelled against the USA, and participated in acts or terrorism and war against the USA. Our ultra-patriotic flag-waving representative from Montana should be in favor of removing at least those artworks from the Capitol of the UNITED States of America on that basis alone. Put those in some Museum of the Confederacy if people want to see them. Don’t display them in the People’s House where they are shoved into the faces of the descendants of the enslaved.

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