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If I had to describe myself using only one word it would be, “doesn’t follow directions.” – Unknown

Today’s independent commentary deals with these people/issues:

  • Vaccine Passports
  • Stay in Your Lane
  • Follow Directions
  • The Western Word Poll


Montana Governor Greg Gianforte today issued an executive order prohibiting the state-sponsored development and required use of so-called vaccine passports in Montana.

I think this executive order is ridiculous. It’s paranoia.

Here is the meat of the press release about the order:

The executive order prohibits the State of Montana from requiring a vaccine to access state services or facilities; producing, issuing, or funding vaccine passports; and sharing an individual’s vaccination status with any person, company, or governmental entity for purposes of a vaccine passport program. The executive order also prohibits Montana businesses from requiring patrons and customers to provide documentation of their vaccination status to gain access to, entry upon, or service.

In the release, Gianforte talks about being “committed to protecting individual liberty and personal privacy.”

If he only felt that way about a woman’s right to choose.

View the executive order by clicking HERE.


I happened o catch some tweets on Tuesday about Senate Joint Resolution No. 8 which is a joint resolution of the Senate and the House of Representatives of the state of Montana urging the members of the United States Congress to propose the “keep nine” amendment to the Constitution of the United States to require that the United States Supreme Court be composed of nine justices.

I’m sure the U.S Congress will drop what they are doing and take notice of what a bunch of morons from Montana are urging them to do.

Professor David C.W. Parker probably said it best:

I totally love it when my state legislature passes a resolution about something over which they have ZERO authority. It reminds me of city councils going on the record about the Iraq War. Stay in your lane. #mtpol

A tweet from the @MTHouseGOP said that “All Republicans supported SJ8 and all Democrats opposed.”

Good for the Democrats. This was a waste of time. They could probably keep the session at 60 days if they stuck to the things they actually need to do.

Read the resolution HERE.


In my younger days, I had trouble following directions. This was a problem when dealing with authorities, like the police. After going through a military boot camp and being somewhat reprogrammed, I found it was easier to follow directions and listen to authorities.

Before I learned to follow directions, I was detained and slapped a few times with a blackjack. It was my fault. I was a smartass.

I am also Caucasian, so I had it easier when dealing with authorities than a person of color.

It’s kind of ironic, but I was trained as a police officer and security specialist in the military.

After watching person after person being shot, sprayed with mace, or suffocated over the past few months, a few things stood out to me. First, if a police officer gives you an order, you should follow it. At that particular time, they are in charge, like it or not.

When a person continues to drive and does not stop when the lights are flashing, or when you struggle from being handcuffed and run, expect the officer to use the next level of force to detain you.

That does not mean they can shoot you. They can always catch you later.

Sometimes the officer goes too far or makes a mistake. We’ve seen that in recent cases.

NPR recently reported that shootings of unarmed black people reveal troubling patterns:

Since 2015, police officers have fatally shot at least 135 unarmed Black men and women nationwide, an NPR investigation has found. NPR reviewed police, court and other records to examine the details of the cases. At least 75% of the officers were white.

I think it all starts with one key thing: Follow directions.

I learned that the hard way but did not lose my life as some have.


Don’t forget to participate in this week’s poll that asks, “Should businesses require their employees to get the COVID vaccine?”

Click HERE to participate. The results will be posted Thursday.


9 thoughts on “The Wednesday Read

  1. I think the Nuremberg Trials pretty clearly established that blindly following “official” directions is not always the proper thing to do.
    There is a clear and definite aspect of law enforcement “culture” that supports the attitude that they have the authority to execute unarmed civilians who don’t display the proper subservience.
    It’s called “racism.”

    • Fred – Thanks for your comments.
      I think we all realize that racism is in play and sadly it is in play too much. -JmB

    • The Nuremberg trials? You can’t be serious. There are plenty of examples of illegal arrests and blatant racism without that weak, specious argument. Unfortunately, it is situational, if you have committed a crime a la George Floyd or Dante Wright you are not legally allowed to commit a further crime (resisting arrest is a crime). That in no case excuses any question of fatal response. That is a crime also, especially if law enforcement is involved. Historically, our despicable history of racism; indigenous, African American, or just the immigrant foreigner (think Irish, Italian, Latino Japanese) is actually improving. ” the arc of history bends toward justice”

      • “Historically, our despicable history of racism,,, is actually improving.”

        Tell that to all the black parents who have had “the talk” with their teenage sons. Maybe your assurances of improvement would make George Floyd’s family feel better.

      • racial equality has certainly improved in my lifetime. That does not mean that racism does not exist and that we as a society, do not need to work to eliminate it. I have walked through Cabrini Green and Robert Louis Stevenson Homes in Chicago at night. I would not advise it no matter your race. I think they have both been razed.

  2. The governor banning vaccine passports for State facilities and employees is one thing, but trampling on the rights of orivate businesses and institutuons with a dictatorial edict is another.

    What if a business is run by a person with underlying health conditions and they would rather not have science deniers exposing them to a deadly disease?

    What if a business owner had a sincerely held religious belief about the need for vaccinations? Then this dictate would seem to be in conflict with the legislature’s Religious Freedom Restoration efforts.

    Montana Republicans just hate Federal government orders and laws that allegedly infringe on the rights of private business owners. But Montana Republicans putting their boots on the rights of businesses, individuals, and local governments with new orders and laws … well never mind.

    Maybe next the governor can issue a whole series of detailed executive orders dictating how Montana businesses carry out every aspect of their operations. Sort of like Xi Jinping in China. Or better yet he could do for the LGBTQ community and other populations facing dicrimination what he just did for anti-vaxxers, and simply order Montana businesses to serve them the same as all others.

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