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I don’t have haters; I have fans in denial. – Unknown

Today’s independent commentary deals with these issues:

  • The Western Word Poll
  • Homegrown Meth
  • The Montana Post


Several people have asked me about doing a podcast, so I am thinking about doing a weekly one. This podcast would focus on the normal things I write about plus some stories from my life.

To gauge what must be an enormous amount of excitement, that is this week’s poll question:


The results will be posted later this week.


In case you missed it, U.S. Senator Steve Daines (R-MT) embarrassed Montana (again) with his talking points about immigration and drugs.

Here is what Daines had to say while visiting the United States/Mexico border:

“Twenty years ago in Montana, meth was homemade. It was homegrown. And you had purity levels less than 30 percent. Today the meth that is getting into Montana is Mexican cartel. It has purities north of 95 percent. Far more dangerous, far more addictive, and it’s less expensive.”

I kept waiting for Daines to say, “Buy Montana Meth first.”

Journalist Erin Ryan joked: “My dad was a meth farmer, and his dad was a meth farmer, and thanks to cheap imports last year they had to declare bankruptcy and sell the meth farm.”

I tweeted, “@SteveDaines – fourth-generation meth promoter. #mtpol #mtsen”

Now many folks across the fruited plains know what we in Montana know, and that is Steve Daines is not the sharpest knife in the drawer.

Read some other views HERE, HERE, HERE, and HERE.


I learned Friday that the lights have been turned off at “The Montana Post” the leading blog in Montana. I’ll miss it.

The Montana Post was near the top of my reading list, and it was nice to see someone make some waves and hold people accountable. Those in the media could learn a thing or two from Don Pogreba.

I hope Don takes some much-needed time off and comes back in the future. Montana needs his views.

In the meantime, I saw that “The Montana Times” is up and running in its place. Click HERE to take a look.

As for The Western Word, I plan on still being here, as I have been since 2005. I have ordered a new computer to help with the journey. Every day I can’t wait to give my thoughts about the issues that affect us all.

Onward and upward…


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  4. “FINALLY, a Washington politician who will stand up for the mom and pop meth shops of Montana! It’s so refreshing to see a republican finally support small businesses instead of sucking up to corporations.”


    Poor Steve. When your talking points don’t come out as planned, hilarity ensues.

  5. Daines’ attempt to pin the Montana meth crisis on Biden’s border policies was especially rich, given that (as the Rawstory piece points out) Daines has been talking about it for quite some time, including on Trump’s watch. So why didn’t the flood of meth dry up when Trump was cracking down on the border?

    And speaking of “rich”, did you notice that Daines’ buddy Gianforte is pushing a big cut in Montana capital gains tax, if the stocks sold were from a Montana-grown company, to go with his tax cuts for the highest earners? I wonder if a capital gains tax cut would in any way benefit people who hold stock in Oracle as successor to the former Montana grown and Bozeman based Right Now Technologies? One of these days trickle down is bound to start working.

    • Terry – if Gianforte is pushing for tax cuts, you bet it will mostly help him and his friends.
      Daines is becoming great at shooting him self in the foot. Thanks, JmB

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