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My father always used to say, ‘Don’t raise your voice. Improve your argument.’ ― Desmond Tutu

Today’s independent commentary deals with these people/issues:

  • The Plane! The Plane!
  • Congressional Job Approval
  • Tiger Woods


Lee Newspapers is reporting that Montana Governor Greg Gianforte will not be using the state plane for travel, instead flying in his own personal plane.

His spokesperson told Lee Newspapers that “As he did when he served Montana in Congress, Gov. Gianforte doesn’t fly at taxpayer expense but instead on his own dime.”

Gianforte reportedly spent $7.5 million running for Governor, which pays about $118,000 per year.

Back in 2016 when he was running for Governor, Gianforte pledged not to take a salary. He said he would donate it. He lost that race. I’m not sure if he’s donating his salary in 2021.

President Donald Trump donated his salary and made a big deal out of it. He also cost the taxpayers millions playing golf.

Lee Newspapers also reported:

The governor’s office said Tuesday there would not be accounting for how much Gianforte spends on travel to conduct state business.
When asked how separation between personal use of the plane and use for state business would be documented, the governor’s office said the flight log would record that information.

We’ll see how transparent this stunt is, especially when some energetic reporter starts asking questions about a trip and wants to know who was on Gianforte’s personal plane. I’m sure that information will be easily obtained.

If you believe that, then welcome to Fantasy Island…


Gallup is reporting that thirty-five percent of Americans currently approve of the way Congress is handling its job, a 10-percentage-point increase since January and the highest Gallup has measured in nearly 12 years.

I am not a math wizard, but with 35% approving doesn’t that mean that 65% doesn’t approve or feels some other way?

Let’s not pop the cork on the champagne just yet.


In case you missed it, Tiger Woods was in an automobile accident. I wish him a full recovery.

The media, especially the cable news and sports networks, went overboard with their coverage. We heard golf commentators, sportswriters, regular journalists, doctors, law enforcement personnel, and just about anyone who saw Woods play golf on TV on a cable channel giving their two cents about him.

It was over the top, and a lot of it was inaccurate.


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