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I spend a lot of time holding the refrigerator door open looking for answers. – Unknown

Today’s column takes a quick look at these people/issues:

  • Montana Legislature
  • Governor-Elect Gianforte
  • Once, Twice, Three times…
  • Tennis Pavilion
  • One More Thing


If you’ve read my columns over the years, then you know I don’t hold the Montana Legislature in very high regard. It’s mostly a circus with clowns that meets every couple of years in Helena.

The 2021 session is going to be even more of the circus. This time people will get sick and some will die. It will be a super spreader event because the Republicans are in charge and won’t delay the session and appear they won’t require masks.

As I have written before, the session should be delayed until later in the year.

The Associated Press (AP) reported on a recent joint House and Senate Rules Committee meeting. If this reporting is any indication, some of the Republicans are well on their way to making asses of themselves as well as embarrassing Montana.

I feel sorry for the city of Helena and Lewis and Clark County. Health care workers are already pushed to their limits and many Republicans in the legislature think the pandemic is a big hoax. Shame on them.

You can read the whole report from the AP HERE.


MTN News conducted an interview with Montana Governor-Elect Gianforte. It was pretty tame. You know there’s not much to report when the reporter says it was a “wide-ranging interview.”

I was waiting for the question, “You spent over 7.5 million dollars to win the Governor’s seat; do you know the Montana Governor makes $115,505 per year?”

I was also happy that Gianforte didn’t whack the reporter. He’s grown up so fast.

When asked about wearing masks, MTN reported that Gianforte said:

“I generally believe in personal responsibility rather than mandates,” he told MTN News. “I think Montanans will do the right thing when presented with the facts. We have a serious health condition, and we should consider the health and well-being of others as well.”

Personal responsibility works well with drunk driving, too.

Gianforte says he will bring a business approach to the Montana government. Donald Trump did the same thing with the federal government, but sadly his lack of leadership killed more than 280,000 citizens.

The Democrats are going to attack Gianforte at every turn because that’s politics. They should be looking for a strong candidate to challenge him in four years – one who won’t lose by 12 points.


The Hill reported that Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger (R) recertified the results of the state’s presidential election on Monday after a recount completed last week reaffirmed President-elect Joe Biden’s victory.

“It’s been 34 days since the election on Nov. 3,” Raffensperger said at a news conference at the Georgia Capitol earlier in the day. “We have now counted legally cast ballots three times and the results remain unchanged.”

On Monday, President Trump was still contending he won the election.


First Lady Melania Trump announced the completion of the new White House tennis pavilion. The project included the refurbishment of the White House Tennis Court and Grandchildren’s Garden along with construction of the new building. It was funded through private donations.

I wonder if Melania plays pickleball…


If you’re refusing the wear a mask due to concerns your brain won’t get enough oxygen, I think that ship has already sailed. – Unknown


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  1. As of now, you’re probably the best political commentator in the state. Funny how that works.

      • It’s true. I’m not joking. I wish for you a broader audience. But unfortunately, I’ve been banned from every site in the state, otherwise I would copy and paste. Would you mind writing your commentary for the Montana free press? I hold no grudges, Jackie, and I respect your valuable insights. As a fellow vet, I hold you in high regard. Your common sense and insight is something greatly lacking at the moment. Peace, amigo. Feel free to contact me at any time for a chat. Or a cup of coffee.

      • Thanks Larry. After posting five days a week, I really don’t have that much time to write for another publication. Take care, JmB

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