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I think of a hero as someone who understands the degree of responsibility that comes with his freedom. – Bob Dylan

Today’s independent commentary deals with these people/issues:

  • Official Election Defense Fund
  • Bitterness
  • My Saturday Column
  • One More Thing


I subscribe to email updates from all the major candidates. After Joe Biden was declared the winner of the Presidential election, I figured the emails from Trump and Biden camps would cease.

The Biden team slowed down. I received one email from them on Sunday.

The Trump team is putting on a full-court press. I received 29 emails from Trump and his supporters on Sunday.

Trump and company are raising money for his “Official Election Defense Fund” with emails like this:

Are you ready to KEEP FIGHTING?

The Radical Left will spend the foreseeable future trying to convince you that we have no path to VICTORY. They couldn’t be more wrong. The American People, like YOU, showed up BIG TIME for President Trump and Vice President Pence and the final results will prove it.

The interesting thing is I did not receive any emails from anyone but Trump, Pence, or the Trump family.

I think it is mostly desperation from Trump. It is their right to fight, but sooner or later they need to realize that Trump did not win. I doubt Trump does.

Someone said (maybe it was Bill Maher) that Trump’s conceding will look a lot like the final scene of Scarface. I hope not.

I think Trump will run for office in 2024 if he’s not in jail. We’ll see his rallies from now until then. He loves the attention.


I’ve seen several Trump supporters attack Vice President-elect Kamala Harris personally.

Some righties believe that Joe Biden is just the figurehead. They contend that sometime after January Nancy Pelosi will say he is not fit to be President and replace him with Harris. Some even think that Pelosi would become vice president. That’s not how it works.

I love conspiracies like that. Some people are just so damned dumb it’s amusing.

Bitter people are posting information about the price of gas, the stock market, unemployment, etc., saying remember what it is today and compare it to a year later. I guess people don’t understand that the Biden/Harris team does not take office until January 20, 2021.

What I don’t care for is attacks like this one:

She is not my vice president, just a whore that f**ked the right people.

Disparaging and denigrating comments like that one should be put in the trash. This one came from a male, so I can only imagine the way he treats the females in his life.

If you see comments like that one, take a screenshot of it. Most people list where they work on Facebook. Look up their place of employment and email the comment to their Human Resources department. If they work at a place that sells goods and deals with the public, let them know how their employee feels about women.


I posted a column an hour or so after Joe Biden was declared the winner of the Presidential election. You can read it HERE.


Trump just got the full 2020 experience. He caught Covid, lost his job, and is getting evicted from his house. – Unknown

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