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Aliens probably lock their doors when they ride past earth. – Unknown

Today’s independent commentary deals with these people/issues:

  • Mini-Strokes
  • Screwing it up
  • 3-foot Putt
  • One More Thing


Now the picture is starting to become clearer. President Donald J. Trump has some serious medical problems.

The Hill reported that President Trump on Tuesday denied that he made an emergency visit to the hospital last year after suffering “a series of mini-strokes” after a new book claimed that Vice President Pence was on standby in the event Trump was incapacitated.

The Hill continues:

The president’s denial raised eyebrows, as the book from New York Times correspondent Michael Schmidt did not specifically state that Trump had suffered from a series of small strokes.

So it looks like Trump let the cat out of the bag on this one. Mike Pence was asked about being alerted and gave the guilty answer of, “I don’t recall.”

Team Trump scrambled to quell the disturbance and even had the White House doctor issue a denial about the strokes.

Does anyone believe this doctor? Trump probably told the doctor the future of the nation (and his job) rests with him issuing a statement saying Trump is in good health.

I worry about anyone handling the duties of President in their 70s.


An Axios/Ipsos survey of 1,100 U.S. adults, Aug. 28-31, 2020, found that 60% believe the federal government is making the country’s recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic worse.

In case you forgot, the federal government is run by President Donald J. Trump and he is responsible for the response and recovery.

The survey also found that most independents (68%) say the government is making things worse. Trump needs a majority of independent voters to support him to be reelected.

Meanwhile, the United States is approaching 185,000 deaths from coronavirus.


Politico and several other sources reported that President Donald Trump likened police officers who commit acts of brutality to golfers who “choke” and miss a 3-foot putt. Trump said that some police officers, “They choke just like in a golf tournament. They miss a 3-foot putt.”

The police officer that shot Jacob Blake in the back must have missed his 3-foot putt seven times…


There’s a cartoon by Rick McKee that made me laugh.

There’s an old man on his deathbed in a hospital. He whispers to his wife, who is holding his hand, “Come closer…There’s not much time and there’s so much I want to say to that little jerk on Facebook…”

See the cartoon HERE.


2 thoughts on “The Wednesday Read

  1. Well Jackie, I guess GOP lawsuit to try stop all mail in election in Montana was filled after you wrote today’s post. I guess the Republican Party has a lot of extra money to burn by filling this lawsuit. I really don’t know what they seem to be worried about as all the polls show all the Montana GOP candidates ahead. But dear leader(Trump) must have put the order out. In the past the Montana Republican Party was fairly independent and didn’t jump aboard sinking ships. What a waste of the court time and money. But I did learn from the GOP’s filing they are greatly concerned about the equal protection clause(certainly news to most people). As they claim mail in elections violate that clause. I think some district judge or even the Montana Supreme Court is going to slam a hammer down on this silly lawsuit.

    • Dennis – yes, the lawsuit was filed after my column was posted. I agree that it won’t go far. Thanks, JmB

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