Tuesday’s Quick Hits

The only people I owe my loyalty to are the ones who never made me question theirs. ― Joe Mehl

Today’s independent commentary deals with these people/issues:

  • Gianforte’s Ad
  • Wyoming Republican Convention
  • Chief Justice of the United States
  • One More Thing


The Gianforte for Governor Campaign ad in which he attacks his opponent, Mike Cooney, is getting a lot of bad attention.

In the ad, the narrator says Cooney “has never had a real job” just because he has served in the government in various positions over the years.

While not all the government positions Cooney has held were in elective office, he has held enough elected positions that Gianforte should be worried. Cooney has the name recognition and he is known as a good guy.

Gianforte’s claim to fame is his assault on a reporter. His second claim to fame is he is filthy rich.

With Montana having so many local, state, and federal government jobs across the state, whoever wrote the campaign ad screwed up. I’ve held many jobs in various levels of the government, the most important being active duty military. That was a “real job” and one that not many candidates, like Greg Gianforte, can say they ever held.


You would think the Republicans in Wyoming would all be very happy. Heck, they control all the major elective offices in Wyoming and have commanding majorities in the State House and Senate.

Like a lot of other political parties in other states, it seems Wyoming with all that power has a few Republicans who can’t get along. One report said there were several heated moments between members of the party’s right flank and more moderate attendees at the convention.

I bet the term R-I-N-O (Republican in name only) was used a lot.

According to Casper Star-Tribune, during the Wyoming Republican Convention in Gillette, a couple of county chairs got into a fight. One was left with a broken ankle, dislocated shoulder, and injured neck. The other tough guy suffered damage to his eyeglasses and hearing aid.

Since this is in wild and wonderful Wyoming, I wonder if they ever thought of settling their dispute at high noon on the street outside the local saloon.


John Roberts is the Chief Justice of the United States and is currently on the bad boy list of many conservatives and Monday Roberts received a good boy star from the progressives.

With President Trump appointing two Supreme Court Justices conservatives were sure they would have a 5-4 majority on the Supreme Court. That has not been the case.

As CNN reported, Roberts sided with the liberal justices on the Supreme Court on Monday to block a controversial Louisiana abortion law that critics said would have closed nearly every clinic in the state.

Does this mean that Roberts is turning liberal? Not a chance. It does mean that he examines the cases with an eye on them constitutionally and not through the lens of politics.

Roberts is just 65, which is relatively young on the U.S. Supreme Court.


Police in Bossier City Louisiana were able to reel in a man captured on video swimming through a fish tank at a Bass Pro Shop. Kevin Wise, 26, told KSLA-TV that he plunged into the indoor aquarium at a Bass Pro Shop last week to follow through on a promise he made to followers on the social media platform TikTok. (AP)

You never want to break a promise…


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  1. Trump was told Russia put a bounty on our troops in Afghanistan in July 2019 and did nothing.

    He and Putin spoke before announcing removal of 25,000 troops from Germany then Putin promptly moved more troops to the German border.

    More gifts to the nation than co-signed his loans at Deutsche Bank.

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