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The Western Word is coming to you, STILL, I repeat STILL, coronavirus free, from deep inside an underground bunker in Montana. The bunker also serves as the worldwide headquarters for The Western Word blog!

Quote of the day…

When this is all over, please continue to stay at least six feet away from me. –Unknown

Today’s independent commentary deals with these people/issues:

  • Republican Legislative Leadership
  • No Red Flags
  • It’s About Me
  • Watching Baseball
  • One More Thing


The Great Falls Tribune reported that the Republican legislative leadership sent a letter to Montana Governor Steve Bullock on Tuesday, saying his directive that prevents evictions during the coronavirus pandemic lacks constitutional authority and they ask him to rethink his response to the COVID-19 outbreak in general.

I’ll bet the fundraising checks from the Montana Landlords Association are already in the mail to the Republicans.

I am also betting the Republicans who signed the letter probably believe this whole pandemic is part of the grand plan to beat Trump. They are also probably worried that Bullock is getting too much publicity and may beat their weak leader, Steve Daines.

Bullock has done a wonderful job. The way the pandemic is going, I would expect many of the stipulations that he imposed to stay in place until June.

Lives are at stake – it’s time to be extremely cautious and not the time for politics. The Republican legislative leadership team seemed to have isolated themselves from common sense with this silly request.

With Trump’s inaction at the beginning possibly leading to the death of 25,000+ Americans, I suggest the Republican legislative leadership team shut up, stay home, and away from us all.


I got a kick out of reading the following headline from MTN News:

MT congressional delegation investments and coronavirus: No red flags
Gianforte has independent manager of investments

Game? Set? Match?

I’m not sure I agree with the headline writer’s statement, or that “No red flags” should be the final answer.

In the Republican gubernatorial primary, it has been reported that the campaign manager for Tim Fox has accused Gianforte of “Insider Trading.” I believe what the Fox campaign says. He is a very honest person. They would not be being saying it if it wasn’t true.

The Republicans in Montana should not let Gianforte buy another election.

Nonetheless, it was nice of MTN News to follow up on the story, which was first reported by The Montana Post back on March 26.


The Treasury Department ordered that President Trump’s name be printed on stimulus checks being sent to millions of American workers impacted by the outbreak of the novel coronavirus, The Washington Post reported Tuesday, citing senior IRS officials. (The Hill)

It was also reported that the printing will cause a delay, although the Treasury Department denies it. About 70 million Americans are expected to receive the check with Trump’s name.

I would expect nothing less from Trump. His ego is astonishing.


During the White House Coronavirus Task Force briefing Tuesday, President Trump talked about bringing sports back:

We have to get our sports back. I’m tired of watching baseball games that are 14 years old.

A second or two later, Trump seemed to realize that he had been telling people how busy he was dealing with the coronavirus pandemic. He then added:

But I haven’t actually had too much time to watch. I would say maybe I watch one batter then I get back to work.

He is such a freaking liar.

We might be better off if Trump watched old baseball games and let others handle the pandemic. Trump is getting to the age where he probably doesn’t remember who won the game anyway, so it’s all new…


President Barack Obama endorsed former Vice President Joe Biden on Tuesday. While watching the Obama endorsement, I was thinking it’s nice to once again hear a President who could read higher than a third-grade level, and tie a couple of coherent sentences together for a change. I miss that.

Here is the video: