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Please do not take medical advice from a man who looked directly at a solar eclipse. – Hillary Clinton (@HillaryClinton)

Today’s independent commentary deals with these people/issues:

  • We Have a Deal
  • MT Republicans = Cheaters
  • Montana Secretary of State
  • One More Thing


The Associated Press and several other news organizations are reporting that the White House and Senate leaders of both parties announced an agreement early Wednesday morning on unprecedented emergency legislation to rush sweeping aid to businesses, workers and a health care system slammed by the coronavirus pandemic.

Now we’ll get to find out what is in the massive bill. It will probably be passed before many members even read it.

As for those bitching and griping about the process and picking sides – I told you it would all work out in the end.


MTN News is reporting that the Montana Republican Party helped finance the effort to qualify the Green Party for Montana’s 2020 elections, paying $100,000 to groups that hired or financed mostly out-of-state signature-gathers.

For those who are not familiar with politics, if there is a Green Party candidate on the ballot with a Republican and Democrat candidate, then there’s a great chance the Green Party candidate will take votes from the Democrat and make it easier for the Republican candidate to win.

It’s all about winning the next election.

The funny part is what the Montana Republicans had to say was the reason for the cheating. MTN News received a written statement from Montana Republican Party Executive Director Spenser Merwin saying that the Republicans wanted to “provide more choice for Montanans this November.”

Merwin’s reason should be called what it is: bullshit.

I hope that whoever has the authority in Montana, fines the Montana Republicans enough to make it really hurt and cripple their election efforts in 2020. That’s what they were trying to do to the Democrats. I also hope that the people who approved this and were spearheading are fined enough to make it hurt. Green Party candidates on the ballot should be removed.

It would be a good time to clean out the Montana Republican Party headquarters and start anew.

By the way, I would feel the same way if the tables were turned. I dislike both political parties. I vote for the person, not the party. Until Montana allows an easier method for independent candidates to get on the ballot in Montana, these major political parties will control the state. As MTN News found out, they will lie and cheat to do it, too.


A reader wondered what my thoughts were in regard to a newsletter sent from Montana Secretary of State (SOS) Corey Stapleton that was titled, “The Perfect Time for a Crisis.”

In case you don’t know, Stapleton is kind of a perennial candidate. Stapleton could run for reelection as SOS, but like many other candidates, he decided to abandon that office and run for another one. It’s an ego thing. I think Stapleton is running for U.S. House with about eight other people (which is ridiculous).

Anyhow, in the newsletter Stapleton talks about the 2020 election and contends that “It’s a fascinating time to be quiet. Our government has ordered us to be alone, to distance ourselves from each other. Many small businesses will not make it. Many people will get sick.”

He continues with, “Some of history’s greatest leaders have emerged during times of crises. Innovative, courageous, authentic leaders will emerge to solve this generation’s problems.”

I don’t see too many of them on the ballot this year…

Stapleton closes with this:

We can be grateful for our constitutional republic. The constitution matters. Institutions matter. Leaders matter. In good times and bad, our state will continue to run elections and elect leaders who can confront the worrying issues of today. With so much at stake, Montanans will elect almost all of our leaders this year.

It is the perfect time for a crisis.

As I write this column in the middle of the night, I have been checking for updates about the coronavirus pandemic. The New York Times is reporting that as of Wednesday morning (today), at least 53,852 people across every state, plus Washington, D.C., and three U.S. territories, have tested positive for the virus, according to a New York Times database, and at least 728 patients with the virus have died.

I’m not sure any of these people would agree with Stapleton’s contention that “it is a perfect time for a crisis.” Stapleton should stick to what he does best, but I am not sure what that is. We do know it’s not being the Secretary of State.


From the Facebook page of “Political Humor.”

If you voted for Trump because “he’s not a politician,” then I hope your next colonoscopy is done by a plumber.


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