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Some people will never like you because your spirit irritates their demons. – Unknown

If you are a first-time visitor, welcome! Caught My Eye (CME) is the once a week column that is posted here every Friday morning. This is when I take a look at some of the stories I did not have time to write about during the week. There may be some sarcasm and pointed independent commentary so be warned!

Here are the topics that “Caught My Eye” this week:

  • Today is a Special Day
  • 2020 Elections
  • High-Speed Chase
  • Ukrainian Jetliner
  • North Dakota State vs James Madison
  • LSU vs Clemson
  • One More Thing


It was way back on January 10, 2005, that I posted my first column and started The Western Word.

Today (Friday) is the 15th anniversary of The Western Word. Just like some 15 year olds, I can’t seem to stay out of trouble!

I must say that it is very therapeutic to write these columns and get my feelings off my chest. I don’t plan on stopping. Independents and moderates need some place to go! Every political opinion is welcome here.

Thanks to all of the faithful readers, the subscribers, and those who comment! You are loved and respected.

Onward and upward!


Yesterday (Thursday) was the first day to officially file for elective office in Montana. MTN News reported that about 100 candidates filed on Thursday.

The filing deadline is March 9. To see who has filed, click HERE.

Thanks to all who are running for public office!


As many of you know, Great Falls, Montana, is the world-wide headquarters of The Western Word. It is produced and published in a bunker somewhere in Great Falls.

Recently the local news reported about a high-speed chase by the local city police department. I took notice since back in the day, I was known for being in some high-speed chases…

I read the article and saw that the reason for the initial stop was for a cell-phone violation – a freaking cell-phone violation. The chase resulted in at least one car being struck. The driver doing the crime of a cell-phone violation ditched the vehicle and escaped.

I imagine many lives were put at danger due to the “high-speed chase.” It’s asinine that a police officer would subject the citizens of Great Falls to danger so the police officer could play the show “Cops” in Great Falls.

I wish the police department would place as much attention on drunk driving as they do on cell-phone violations.

Great Falls is a small town. The officer should have let the subject go. Don’t endanger people. You will undoubtedly catch up to him/her later.


The Associated Press is reporting that it is “highly likely” that Iran shot down the civilian Ukrainian jetliner that crashed near Tehran late Tuesday, killing all 176 people on board, U.S., Canadian and British officials declared Thursday.

So, if this is fact that Iran shot down the airliner, is the blood of the 176 people who died in the crash on President Donald Trump’s hands or Iran or both?

Some blame it on Trump.

I imagine the Iranians on duty were waiting for the United States to fire back at them for launching a few missiles at bases in Iraq that were occupied by Americans. This was because the United States took out one of their beloved generals. A tit for tat one might say.

The Iranians probably panicked when a plane appeared on their radar and they hit the launch button thinking it was a bomber from the USA.

Mistakes are made whether it is a war or conflict or assassination – whatever you want to call it.


The North Dakota State Bison and the James Madison Dukes play for the 2019 FCS Football National Championship this Saturday, January 11. Kickoff is noon ET and the game will air on ABC.

The Bison are seeded #1 and the Dukes #2.

Earlier this week I asked readers, “Which team will win Saturday’s FCS Football National Championship?”

Here are the results:

  • North Dakota State Bison – 60%
  • James Madison Dukes – 20%
  • Don’t Care – 20%

Thanks to all who participated!


The LSU Tigers will play the Clemson Tigers for the 2020 College Football Playoff National Championship. The game will be played Monday, January 13, in New Orleans. The game will be televised on ESPN.

I posted a poll earlier this week. It will be open until Sunday night. You can still vote by clicking HERE.


I posted this yesterday and had something to add to it…

The U.S. Army wants Americans to know they have not been selected for a military draft despite a rash of texts that falsely tells people they’re heading to fight a war against Iran (NPR):

We’ve tried contacting you through the mail several times and have had no response. You’ve been marked eligible and must come to the nearest branch in Jacksonville, Florida, for immediate departure to Iran.

The text also tells the recipient that they will be fined and sent to jail for minimum 6 years if there’s no reply.

One person posted on social media that there were a bunch of people searching Google for “Bone Spurs.” I’m not sure it has anything to do with the “draft.”

Have a great weekend – GO CHIEFS!


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  1. Thanks for 15 years. I do not always agree C.T.E ? but I think your blog is important for a Montana view of local and national events. Keep up the good work it is appreciated. 🙂

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