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These topics caught my attention in the last 24 hours:

  • Great Falls City Election
  • Bowen Greenwood
  • Best Sitcom Theme Song
  • One More Thing


In what looks like the voters playing a joke on the candidates, the Great Falls Tribune reported that Rick Tryon and Tracy Houck rose to the top in a six-candidate battle to win two seats on the City Commission Tuesday.

In November 2015, Houck beat Tryon by 11 votes for a lone commission seat. It was a loss that Tryon whined and wrote about for the last few years. His actions were that of a sore loser. Now Houck and Tryon will serve on the same city commission. Funny!

I again voted for Houck. I did not vote for Tryon – nor will I ever.


The Great Falls Tribune and other sources are reporting that Republican Bowen Greenwood announced Tuesday that he was running for secretary of state, entering a race already featuring three other GOP candidates. He was just elected to a six-year term as state Supreme Court clerk in 2018.

I personally like Bowen Greenwood and I voted for him in 2018. He won’t be getting my vote in 2020 for Secretary of State.

If you read this blog very often, then you know I’m tired of elected officials from both sides of the political aisle screwing over Montanans by trying to jump from one seat to another seat mostly because they have big egos and a few of their friends say they can win.

That seems to be the method of operation for the Republicans (although some Democrats have done it). Someone in leadership in the Republican Party needs to tell these bozos they are losing voters.

I highly suggest that Greenwood stays in the position for which he was elected.


I posted two polls asking readers to pick their favorite sitcom theme songs. There are 12 choices in two polls. These are kind of like the “semi-finals” and I plan on posting the results in Friday’s column. The top three from each will go into the final poll that will be posted for your voting pleasure next week.

To vote for your favorite sitcom theme song, click HERE and HERE.

Tell your friends to vote in these polls – this is important!


Readers know that I like free bumper stickers and I will post them on this blog (one of the oldest blogs in Montana) for all to see.

It does not matter to which political party you belong.

The latest free bumper sticker is from Joe Biden:

How cool is that?

Send me an email ( if you would like to send me a free bumper sticker, and I will let you know where to send it.


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