TWW Poll: Favorite Sitcom Theme Song (II)

This is the second part of two polls..

Instead of writing about politics today, I thought I would get away from politics for a day or two and ask your opinion.

The next two polls are about favorite sitcom theme songs. I have picked 12 sitcom theme songs (six in each poll) and you can vote for three in each poll.

In a few days, I will pick the top three songs from each poll. They will battle it out next week in another poll for the favorite sitcom theme song!

In case you don’t remember the song, click on the name to see a video.

Here is the second set of nominees:

TAXI (1978-83)
CHEERS (1982-93)
SEINFELD (1989-98)
FRIENDS (1994-04)
THE OFFICE (2005-13)

Please click on “Continue Reading” if you don’t see the poll.

Thanks for participating; please let your friends know about the poll!


6 thoughts on “TWW Poll: Favorite Sitcom Theme Song (II)

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  3. Cheers says Montana all over where no matter in the state you are someone will know your name or one of your friends or family and they are glad you came.

  4. Mike….I’ve never posted a comment with you but I feel I must today. I’m dating myself here but my favorite sitcom theme song is The Brady Bunch. Lol. You have a great day. Sharla Tester.

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