Tuesday’s Quick Hits

Fill your life with adventures, not things. Have stories to tell not stuff to show. – Anonymous

Today’s quick hits deal with these important subjects:

  • Tester’s Town Hall
  • Ballot Interference Prevention Act
  • Pan American Games Protests
  • Scaramucci Speaks


Montana’s senior U.S. Senator, Jon Tester, is holding a town hall meeting in Great Falls today (Tuesday). The town hall will be held in Room B101 at Great Falls College MSU and starts at 12:00 noon. (Facebook)

Just yesterday I wrote about the other two members of Montana’s federal delegation (U.S. Senator Steve Daines and U.S. Representative Greg Gianforte) being called out by their hometown newspaper for not meeting face-to-face with Montanans. They are cowards.

Big thanks go to Tester for meeting with Montanans.


I voted against Legislative Referendum (LR) 129, known as the Ballot Interference Prevention Act (BIPA) because it was a silly solution for a non-problem.

Unfortunately, LR 129 passed and here we are with more hoops to jump through to vote.

Basically what BIPA does is mandate that people who take completed ballots to election administrator’s office or a designated polling place must register their name and contact information, along with each voter’s name, mailing address, and the voter’s relationship to the collector.

The State of Montana has developed a form for that. It’s called (surprisingly) a Ballot Collection Registry form.

More information about this new law, as well as the form, can be found at the Montana Commissioner of Political Practices WEBSITE.

I feel safer already – (sarcasm).


In case you missed it, two Americans protested on the medal stand at the Pan American Games.

Gold medal-winning fencer Race Imboden took a knee during the U.S. national anthem, and hammer thrower Gwen Berry raised her fist on Saturday as the U.S. national anthem played following her gold medal-winning effort.

Many right-wingers went crazy after hearing about the protests.

The Associated Press reported that the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Committee (USOPC) issued a statement saying:

“Every athlete competing at the 2019 Pan American Games commits to terms of eligibility, including to refrain from demonstrations that are political in nature,” the statement said. “In these cases, the athletes didn’t adhere to the commitment they made to the organizing committee and the USOPC. We respect their rights to express their viewpoints, but we are disappointed that they chose not to honor their commitment.”

I’m fine with the protests. I served in the military to make sure we had freedom in this country. These two people knew there would probably be consequences for their protests, but they felt it was important enough to go ahead and protest. That’s patriotism.


Former communications director for President Donald Trump, Anthony Scaramucci, told Axios that Republicans may need to pick a different candidate in 2020.

Axios reported that Scaramucci compared Trump to a melting nuclear reactor saying, “We are now in the early episodes of ‘Chernobyl’ on HBO, where the reactor is melting down and the apparatchiks are trying to figure out whether to cover it up or start the clean-up process.”

Scaramucci may be correct about Trump, but in the short time Scaramucci has been in the spotlight, I have found that he likes the spotlight more than about anything.

So now we have Trump who may be a melting reactor and lies all the time. Trump’s possible opponent, Joe Biden, may have “lost his fastball” and is gaffe-prone.

I’m sure glad there are several others to choose from!


5 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Quick Hits

  1. Why is BIPA necessary? Republican voter fraud in North Carolina. He would collect absentee ballots that were left blank and fill them in for Republican candidates and then turned in for tabulation. He had helpers that he paid with cash and opioids.

    “So now, from North Carolina, there’s finally a clearly documented case of election fraud that actually appears to have changed an election result. The cruel irony for Republicans is that operatives from their own party — particularly “consultant” Leslie McCrae Dowless — allegedly did the deed.”


    This article is from February and the allegedly part is just pro forma now.

  2. Mike, How about Ballot Assembly Registration Form : BARF 🙂
    The Pan Am games protests sends a terrible signal and a lousy protest. Still such protests must be protected or we have lost our collective way. Viet Nam was a long time ago but I still remember those who did not return. We should honor those who sacrificed so we do not continue the insanity of war.

  3. As a 60s Flower Child I still enjoy subverting dumb ideas. So if you often leave off your family members’ ballots at the County Courthouse before elections, avoid the lengthy paperwork and IDs by taking them in one at a time. Key point. Leave yours for last because by now someone will remember you. And you can say, “see it’s mine.”

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