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Life has never given me lemons. It has given me anger issues, anxiety, a love for alcohol, and a serious dislike for stupid people, but not lemons. – Unknown

Today’s topics include:

  • Q2 Breaking News (Gianforte)
  • Politics Stops at Water’s Edge
  • Special Day of Prayer

Q2 Breaking News (Gianforte):

At about 11:12 a.m. Tuesday morning (May 28) the folks at KTVQ (Q2) (MTN News) in Billings sent a “Breaking News” e-mail telling subscribers like me that “sources” say that current U.S. Representative Greg Gianforte (R-MT) is preparing to run for governor in 2020.

And guess what? He plans to try to buy the governorship:

Sources told MTN News that Gianforte is telling fellow Republicans he plans to announce soon he’s in the race, and that he’s prepared to spend several million dollars of his personal wealth on the campaign.

If he does announce, Gianforte will be the fourth Republican to enter the race, which means Republicans probably won’t get their best candidate out of the primary. I imagine there will be a contest to see which candidate can be the most conservative.

As I have written before, I don’t like it that Montana is always on the low end of the seniority level in the U.S. House. If Gianforte runs for governor, then he throws away a term and a half of seniority. Steve Daines did the same thing. So did Denny Rehberg.

They hurt Montana because their egos were too big and they were looking to be more important. I have a hard time voting for people like that.

I sincerely hope that some younger person runs for U.S. House – someone who does not have such a big ego that they will screw over Montana to run for some other seat – someone who will stay in the U.S. House for a while.

Politics Stops at Water’s Edge:

Maybe Joe Biden is a “low IQ individual” and maybe Donald Trump is an idiot, but when Trump, Biden, or anyone else is out of this country, they should keep their comments like that to themselves.

We are one team – The United States of America.

During President Trump’s visit to Japan, he seemed to be siding with Kim Jong Un when he told reporters “Kim Jong Un made a statement that Joe Biden is a low-IQ individual. He probably is, based on his record. I think I agree with him on that.”

So as one report said, Trump “sided with a murderous, repressive dictator” over the former Vice President and U.S. Senator.

U.S. Representative Pete King (R-NY) posted the following on Twitter:

Wrong for @POTUS Trump to criticize @JoeBiden in Japan and to agree with Kim Jong-un. Politics stops at water’s edge. Never right to side with murderous dictator vs. fellow American.

Trump is a non-conventional President just as he was a non-conventional candidate. Some people like that. I don’t like it, but I do enjoy seeing him make an ass of himself about every day.

Special Day of Prayer:

If you’ve read my columns very often then you probably know that I don’t hold Rev. Franklin Graham in very high regard. I felt the opposite with his father, Rev. Billy Graham. Billy Graham was a man of God who helped this nation in our darkest times.

I think Franklin Graham spreads a lot of hate.

On his Facebook page, Franklin Graham wrote that he wants followers of Christ across our nation to set aside next Sunday, June 2, as a special day of prayer for the President, Donald J. Trump.

Franklin Graham continues with:

President Trump’s enemies continue to try everything to destroy him, his family, and the presidency. In the history of our country, no president has been attacked as he has. I believe the only hope for him, and this nation, is God.

I wonder if Franklin Graham had his TV shut off during the Obama years. Obama was attacked endlessly as being born in Kenya and some dumbasses still believe he was born there. People were parading outhouses around with bullet holes in them, and the outhouses had signs that read, “Obama Presidential Library.” Some of those people hated Obama because he was black.

I don’t remember Graham wanting “followers of Christ” to get together to pray for Barack Obama or other Democrats who held the office of President. That’s the difference I see between Franklin and his father, Billy.

At least Billy Graham kept his personal opinions about a President, mostly personal.

I’m all for praying for our leaders from those locally elected to those in the White House. I do often. I don’t pray harder for them if they belong to one political party over the over. I get the feeling that Franklin Graham does – and that’s just wrong.



10 thoughts on “The Wednesday Read

  1. Cuda , I did not say I wanted the President to fail. I want the truth so we can determine the best policies to pursue a myriad of issues. I was taught by my parents not to lie . To compare this president to all other presidents (where lying is concerned) is an inaccurate and unbalanced comparison. There is a little bit of troll quality to your posts. Most people would not try to give credit to any president for things not in their control. Your economic litany does border on hilarious if it were not so seriously inaccurate.

  2. The president has disqualified himself by continuous mendacity, not political spin but lying about everything. He is not a well man . If you listen to him , he has patterns. One is to make a statement (unattributed) like “he has read ” or, “many people are saying ” and then tell an obvious lie . After the lie comes the obfuscation ,distraction or maybe a direct contradiction. Have you been listening ? Please try to do so. To compare any president to this current one is a definite false comparison. Please just listen, LISTEN, for the good of the country and your own ratiocination

    • John – I don’t disagree with you at all, but there are about 35% of the people who believe he is a stable genius. -Thanks, JmB

    • John,
      While you won’t like me response, I am more concerned about his successes in job growth and reduced unemployment across all groups, GDP, the market in that it is based on people’s future outlook, business growth, 401K growth, rebuilding the military capability, reduction of stupid regulation against businesses especially in manufacturing, reduction in overall racism %…As far as his rhetoric goes, I can live with that and his tweets because of the above. In fact, I find his tweets to be extremely hilarious and that is due to the reactions of those on the left. He plays that game better than anyone I know on Twitter. Every politician lies and has an agenda. He no more a Republican than John McCain was or Bernie Sanders and Joe Lieberman were Democrats…breathe in, breathe out, move on…I hope the rest of your day is stellar!

  3. Politics Stops at Water’s Edge: I read yesterday that Obama made comments criticizing individual politicians and Congress offshore over 10 times during his 2 terms….ok for the gander but not the goose…

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